Since 2004 Greenington has been committed to creating beautiful and sustainable furniture of Mid-Century Modern design. The sleek and clean lines that are present in their pieces represent a certain timelessness that exude sophistication. The Scandinavian and Danish influences are felt through their minimalism, a minimalism that perfectly complements the natural splendor of the chosen medium: Moso Bamboo.


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  • Greenington Dining Room Furniture
  • Greenington Office Furniture
  1. FROM $572.00 FROM $687.00
    Ventura Nightstand
  2. FROM $497.00 FROM $597.00
    Park Avenue Nightstand
  3. FROM $672.00 FROM $807.00
    Mercury Nightstand
  4. FROM $598.00 FROM $717.00
    Studio Plus Desk
  5. FROM $547.00 FROM $657.00
    Danica Lounge Chair
  6. FROM $872.00 FROM $1,047.00
    Soho Dining Table
  7. FROM $645.00 FROM $774.00
    Soho Dining Chair-Set of 2
  8. FROM $322.00 FROM $387.00
    Sol Side Table
  9. FROM $825.00 FROM $990.00
    Azara Dining Chair
  10. FROM $725.00 FROM $870.00
    Currant Chair - Set of Two
  11. Azara Nightstand
    FROM $547.00 FROM $657.00
    Azara Nightstand
  12. Sienna Nightstand
    FROM $547.00 FROM $657.00
    Sienna Nightstand
  13. FROM $822.00 FROM $987.00
    Mimosa Bar Height Table
  14. FROM $323.00 FROM $387.00
    Max Counter Height Stool
  15. FROM $672.50 FROM $807.00
    Cosmos Dining Table
  16. FROM $645.00 FROM $774.00
    Skol Stool
  17. FROM $505.00 FROM $722.70
    Willow Nightstand
  18. Rhody Lift Top Coffee Table
    FROM $897.00 FROM $1,077.00
    Rhody Lift Top Coffee Table
  19. FROM $272.00 FROM $327.00
    Teline Tray Table
  20. FROM $645.00 FROM $774.00
    Tulip Stool
  21. Skol Leather Seat Stool- Set of 2
    FROM $514.00 FROM $735.00
    Skol Leather Seat Stool- Set of 2
  22. FROM $675.00 FROM $810.00
    Corona Leather Seat Stool
  23. FROM $480.00 FROM $687.00
    Vale Nightstand
  24. FROM $497.00 FROM $597.00
    Currant Bench
  25. FROM $697.00 FROM $837.00
    Sitka Dining Table
  26. FROM $945.00 FROM $1,134.00
    Azara Dining Chair with Leather Seat

What people are saying about Haiku Designs...

Good quality
I ordered 3 items one week ago. As far as the quality, I am totally satisfied: I ordered a kakebuton and a 100% organic cotton duvet cover. I don't know about the mattress cover yet, as I haven’t received it, but I am sure I won't be deluded. I would definitely buy again from them!!
A.P., Manhattan NY
Easy Shipping! Love the bed!
I had a fantastic experience with everyone I spoke with or emailed at Haiku Designs. I ordered the Modrest Platform bed and it was shipped hassle free to my home in Canada. I still can't believe how easy it was. This was my first attempt at an online furniture purchase outside of Canada and I had a fantastic experience!! Plus I absolutely LOVE the bed! It's beautiful!
L.J., Calgary, Canada
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