Moe's Furniture

  1. FROM $585.00 FROM $699.00
    Sierra Bench
  2. FROM $1,475.00 FROM $1,650.00
    Graduate Lounge Chair in Tan
  3. FROM $999.00 FROM $1,148.00
    Parq Rectangular Dining Table
  4. FROM $685.00 FROM $787.00
    Prince Arm Chair
  5. FROM $975.00 FROM $994.00
    Pablo Entertainment Unit
  6. FROM $1,999.00 FROM $2,279.00
    Greer Club Chair
  7. FROM $925.00 FROM $999.00
    Matrix Console Table
  8. FROM $2,175.00 FROM $2,183.00
    Godenza Rectangular Dining Table
  9. FROM $1,025.00 FROM $1,029.00
    Godenza Bench
  10. FROM $369.00 FROM $429.00
    Font Side Table
  11. FROM $595.00 FROM $599.00
    Sicily Side Table
  12. FROM $1,475.00 FROM $1,493.00
    Florence Dining Table
  13. FROM $2,475.00 FROM $2,501.00
    O2 Platform Bed
  14. FROM $2,299.00 FROM $2,610.00
    Samara Platform Bed
  15. FROM $1,799.00 FROM $2,039.00
    Manilla Platform Bed
  16. FROM $2,250.00 FROM $2,550.00
    Raphael Sofa
  17. FROM $559.00 FROM $599.00
    Blox Side Table
  18. FROM $695.00 FROM $786.00
    Faceout Nightstand
  19. FROM $815.00 FROM $911.00
    Kepler Pendant Lamp
  20. FROM $2,475.00 FROM $2,846.00
    Plunge Sectional
  21. FROM $2,375.00 FROM $2,700.00
    Corey Sectional
  22. FROM $235.00 FROM $270.00
    Gem Outdoor Stool
  23. FROM $2,025.00 FROM $2,279.00
    Preston Club Chair
  24. FROM $829.00 FROM $899.00
    Terrene Coffee Table
  25. FROM $2,025.00 FROM $2,050.00
    Redemption Bookshelf
  26. FROM $1,250.00 FROM $1,650.00
    Verde Dining Table

What people are saying about Haiku Designs...

Your bed made our home
I just wanted to let you know that we received the bed and mattress, put it together with ease and LOVE it more than anything! We can finally sleep all the way through the night, hardly have to turn from side to side (maybe 2X in one night!), and it even LOOKS great! We want to thank you and your company for expediting out order. We spent our first night in our new home on the floor, but received the bed early the next morning! Our movers do not arrive until tomorrow, so the bed is the only thing we have here, and it has made our house a home!!! Thanks so much for your help and for really making us such a good deal on the bed and frame as well.
R.L., Dallas TX
Beautiful Bed
I want to thank you all for having such wonderful products. I ordered the Kyoto bed and the latex mattress. My son put it together for me today and it didn't take too long. The bed is sturdy and I don't have to mention how beautiful it is do I!! The mattress is as the lady I spoke to on the phone said. Much better than the (brand deleted) I was considering getting. The mattress is firm yet giving and supports wonderfully. It is also not a "hot" mattress and is also easy to turn over on. You don't have the sensation of moving through molasses like I did on the above mentioned brand of mattress. I have been sleeping so well since we got our new bed and mattress from you. I actually enjoyed having a cold last week when I stayed in bed all day. That's sick, but that much I love it. Thanks so much.
P.C., Clarksville, TN
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