Haiku Designs Sale

  1. Raku Tatami Platform Bed
    FROM $999.00 FROM $1,199.00
    Raku Tatami Platform Bed
  2. FROM $499.00 FROM $599.00
    Raku Headboard
  3. Raku Nightstand in Dark Walnut
    FROM $324.00 FROM $424.00
    Raku Nightstand
  4. Raku Tatami High Rise Platform Bed
    FROM $1,049.00 FROM $1,249.00
    Raku Tatami High Rise Platform Bed
  5. Takuma Japanese Platform Bed
    FROM $1,399.00 FROM $1,599.00
    Takuma Japanese Platform Bed
  6. Tomaru Japanese Style Platform Bed
    FROM $1,499.00 FROM $1,699.00
    Tomaru Japanese Style Platform Bed
  7. FROM $499.00 FROM $599.00
    Kaiteki Standard Tatami Floor Mat
  8. Raku Tatami Mat
    FROM $499.00 FROM $599.00
    Raku Tatami Mat
  9. Worth Platform Bed
    FROM $1,900.00
    Worth Platform Bed
  10. Monroe Platform Bed
    FROM $2,200.00
    Monroe Platform Bed
  11. FROM $79.00
    Flat Yoga Bolster
  12. FROM $2,920.00 FROM $3,495.00
    Cassius Quilted Sofa Bed
  13. FROM $3,685.00 FROM $4,450.00
    Cassius Lounger Sofa Bed
  14. FROM $725.00
    Cassius Ottoman
  15. FROM $598.00 FROM $703.00
    Gentle Waters Wall Fountain
  16. FROM $2,659.00 FROM $3,128.00
    Great Voice Wall Fountain
  17. FROM $2,659.00 FROM $3,128.00
    Harmony Falls Hanging Wall Fountain
  18. FROM $3,325.00 FROM $3,995.00
    Killian Sofa Bed
  19. FROM $2,049.00
    Remington Dining Table
  20. FROM $913.00
    Flynn Coffee Table
  21. FROM $946.00
    Flynn Console Table

What people are saying about Haiku Designs...

Good experience
I love Japanese furniture and this has been the place where I have bought the few pieces of furniture that I wanted. I have always had a great customer service. They have been very kind, patient and helpful with my slow process of making my decisions. I also consider that the furniture has a good quality, it is beautiful and affordable... I am actually very grateful to them for their graciousness and patience with me during my last purchase about a month ago.
I.G., Aurora CO
Good quality and price
I feel truly valued as a customer. Your prices our great. You guys explain your quality on the screens. I was very impressed. I was looking for weeks for a screen that was in my price range and quality. You guys were it. Even the shipping costs were great. Other websites that I was in, the shipping costs were added on to a very high amount, sometimes more than the price of the screen. Thanks again.
J.P., Chicago, IL
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