Solid Wood Furniture


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  1. Tulip Stool
    From $599.00 Regular Price $720.00
    Tulip Stool
  2. Tulip Dining Table
    From $736.00 Regular Price $1,053.00
    Tulip Dining Table
  3. Rosemary End Table
    From $244.00 Regular Price $294.00
    Rosemary End Table
  4. Rosemary Coffee Table
    From $739.00 Regular Price $888.00
    Rosemary Coffee Table
  5. Currant Leaning Bookshelf
    From $602.00 Regular Price $723.00
    Currant Leaning Bookshelf
  6. Currant Bookshelf in Caramelized
    From $1,014.00 Regular Price $1,218.00
    Currant Bookshelf
  7. Currant Eco-Friendly Bamboo Dining Room Set

    From $1,564.00 Regular Price $1,878.00

    Currant Eco-Friendly Bamboo Dining Room Set
  8. Currant Bamboo Dining Room Table Extendable
    From $1,564.00 Regular Price $1,878.00
    Currant Bamboo Dining Room Table Extendable
  9. Currant Chair
    From $709.00 Regular Price $852.00
    Currant Chair
  10. Currant Sideboard
    From $1,784.00 Regular Price $2,142.00
    Currant Sideboard
  11. Currant Bench
    From $367.00 Regular Price $525.00
    Currant Bench
  12. Currant Entertainment Center
    From $1,499.00 Regular Price $2,142.00
    Currant Entertainment Center

12 Items

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Solid Wood Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room and Office Furniture

Experience the luxury of a solid wood piece with Haiku’s extensive catalog featuring bedroom and dining room furniture built entirely of strong and durable hardwoods. Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Oak, Ash, Acacia, Sheesham, Mango, Pine- we have them all. Solid wood is not only a beautiful material, it is a sturdy and powerful one capable of withstanding years and years of continuous use. Additionally, with solid wood furniture, you don’t need to worry about lifting edges or a warping veneer, or the excessive off gassing associated with manufactured/composite woods. Solid wood is a timeless raw material. At different points in time, style and design attempted a shift away from wood for the sake of innovation, but time and time again, we return to pieces crafted in solid hardwood because of the natural beauty. Some may think that to purchase solid wood furniture is to contribute to the problem of deforestation, however purchasing a high-quality, durable piece crafted in solid wood, means you will not need to buy replacement pieces shortly after. In other words, purchasing a beautiful long lasting piece means less trees torn down for NEW furniture, and less broken furnishings ending up in landfills. Choosing solid wood, is an eco-friendly and sustainable decision. 

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