International and Canadian Shipping


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Haiku Designs can ship products almost anywhere in the world. We ship UPS Air Express, Air Freight, and US Post Office Express, as well as United States freight forwarding agencies, whichever is more economical. International shipping charges are often significantly more expensive than domestic charges.

All International orders over $500 require wire transfer or international money order checks. All custom fees, import duties, taxes, if any will be extra and will be the responsibility of the buyer.


All Furniture Selections shipped to International locations (other than Canada), require the use of a US based freight forwarding service. If you have any questions regarding International Orders please contact our specialist at:

Canadian Orders

Haiku Designs ships to Canada on a regular basis and is well versed in Canadian custom and shipping procedures.

Canadian Orders Requiring Truck Line Shipping

Place your order on our secure web server with your full Canadian address. We will calculate the exact shipping charges from our warehouse to your front door and notify you of those charges for your final approval. Once we have your approval we will process the order, email a copy of the invoice to your email address, and ship your order. Shipping times are approximately the same as in the United States.

Customs duties, if any will be the responsibility of the customer. The taxes are paid during the clearance process and will depend upon your location and may differ from province to province. You can find this information by contacting your local government or from the website for your province. You can self-clear your order or hire a private customs clearance broker to clear your shipment for you. Often times self-clearing can be done simply, and easily on the phone. Self-clearing is generally the most economical and simplest way to clear your furniture through Canadian customs. Private Custom clearing agents can also perform these services for you but will charge a fee for their work. You can find a list of private customs agents in your local yellow pages or on the Internet.

Canadian Orders Requiring UPS - United Parcel Delivery

For UPS shipments, you can request to self-clear, once the order has shipped, by calling (800) 742-5877 and providing the tracking number. Once you either clear your shipment directly, through a personal broker, or through UPS, the delivery will proceed to your home or business.

Canadian Orders Requiring US Post Office Delivery

For all orders shipping via U.S. Postal Service, the clearance fees and taxes are charged directly to you at the post office. We often try to ship small packages with U.S mail, at it can be less expensive the UPS.