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Japanese furniture and Japanese interiors.

Bedroom Furniture, Platform Beds, Shoji Screens, Room Dividers, & More...

Haiku Designs is proud to offer a distinctive and unique line of Japanese furniture for the home, office or bedroom environments.  From rice paper lamps and Shoji screens, to dramatic wall-hanging fountains and Japanese  brushstroke paintings, from our Zen themed Modern bedroom furniture collections to our unique Hiro Dining Room Furniture set, our Japanese styled decor is one of the widest on the market today and is an ideal way to create a space of simplicity,  and enjoyment.

In the West, much of what we think of as Oriental furniture actually reflects Japanese styles and Zen motifs. The classic simplicity of a platform bed, the pure Zen aesthetic of harmony, the use of minimalist paintings depicting water scapes, Geishas, and Kanji all create a sense of repose and stillness that originated in Japan.

In addition, most Japanese Furniture motifs found in art, home decor, and contemporary bedroom furniture were all designed around the idea of   blending with nature, rather than opposing it. The use of soft earth tones, rounded corners and flowing patterns were designed to reflect forms and colors in nature, thus creating a sense of peace and tranquility. Japanese decor conveys a sense of accord and harmony with nature instead of confronting or opposing it as much Western decor and furniture does. Our Organic Bedding line of All Natural Latex Mattresses, Eco-Rest Organic Cotton Futons and Organic Sheets exemplify this sense of being in harmony with nature, and the environment.

Bring the special qualities of accord, harmony, and beauty into your life and home with the unique Japanese furniture collections from Haiku Designs.