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The Beauty of Simplicity

Traditionally, Japanese beds were Tatami straw mats upon which were laid cotton pads or blankets.  Comfort, simplicity, and the most judicious use of space were the basic concepts behind this traditional type of platform bed. We have taken this original concept and updated it for modern use, combining the simplicity and comfort of this traditional style with a decidedly modern look, resulting in an outstanding collection of Japanese beds perfectly suited for today's home environment. Creating harmony in your bedroom involves starting with a beautiful and clutter-free design. Our Japanese Furniture features minimalists inspired design that balances modern styling with function and form.  Create your bedroom as a sanctuary or rest, relaxation, and tranquility.

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Haiku Designs | Japanese Platform Beds

Raku Japanese Tatami Bed
by Haiku Designs | Best Selling Authentic Japanese Bed  
Raku Japanese Tatami Bed with Headboard
by Haiku Designs | Best Selling Authentic Japanese Bed  
Tomaru Japanese Platform Bed
by Haiku Designs | Eco Friendly, Japanese Inspired  
Arata Japanese Platform Bed
by Haiku Designs | Low Profile Japanese Inspired Design  
Moduluxe Platform Bed & Collection
by Copeland | Eco-Friendly & GreenGuard Certified  
Mikado Platform Bed & Collection
by Copeland | Eco-Friendly & GreenGuard Certified  
Takuma Japanese Platform Bed
by Haiku Designs | Low Profile Space Saving Design  
Traditional Japanese Shiki Futon Sleeping Mat
By Haiku Designs | Firm Comfort, Organic Cotton  

Japanese Transition and the Modern Bedroom: The Zen art of doing More with Less

Traditional Zen philosophers believe that minimalism and simplicity are the foundational elements of Japanese architecture and furniture design.  The ability to create spaces of attraction and beauty, with the use of a few choices or focused furniture pieces was the foundation of this concept.  In addition, by adding the principles of Feng Shui which bring together the elements of nature in an organic way that reduces clutter and encourages open space, one can create a space that is in balance and harmony with the environment. Feng Shui concepts pair metal, stone, water, and light in geometric designs that create a flow of internal and external elements. This minimalist movement is a key element in creating Asian and Japanese inspired themes within your bedroom.

Not only is Japanese furniture visually appealing, it is also built to last. From the natural elements of solid wood and bamboo to the unique designs of low-profile platform beds, the Japanese culture values not only simplicity but quality in design. Each Japanese platform bed is crafted of solid wood, solid bamboo timber wood, or a combination of durable engineered wood and composite. You can see the difference in quality between our Japanese furniture and platform beds that use time-honored traditional construction techniques such as dovetailing, non-toxic finishes, and reinforced block, and joinery.

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