Kaiteki Half Size Tatami Floor Mat

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The Kaiteki Half Size Tatami Floor Mat is beautifully crafted in all natural materials, strictly following time-tested, Japanese traditions.

Our authentic, traditional Japanese Kaiteki Tatami Mats are the perfect Asian style floor covering and are both comfortable enough to walk on and yet soft enough to rest on or perhaps lay a mattress on

Our exclusive Kaiteki Tatami Mats are designed to withstand years and years of heavy use. Great for entrance areas, dining rooms, meditation rooms, bedrooms or martial arts studios.

Manufactured in Taiwan for the Japanese Home market and bearing the JAL approval certificate for quality, and for use of non-toxic materials in construction, our Haiku Designs Tatami mats are quite simply the best tatami mats available in the American market today.

Kaiteki is translated from Japanese as "Comfort". We call this the great meeting of two distinct styles, firmness with good support and comfort in the slight give, and natural relaxing feel of the rush straw Tatami mats.  Enjoy the "Not too soft - not too hard" comfort that these beautiful Tatami mats offer.

Manufactured in Taiwan, our mats are constructed in much the same way Tatami mats have been traditionally made in the east, for hundreds of years.   For instance, our mats use all natural Rush grass exterior, and rice straw foundation,  instead of the wafer board, or particle board or that is commonly found in less expensive mats. Layered Rice straw is more time consuming to manufacturer but it gives our mats that firm feeling with a slight and comfortable give that make Tatami mats such a unique and valuable floor covering. 

In addition, the Rush grass straw used as a covering for our Tatami mats is rated, "Best Grade #1", meaning little or no visible variation in grass straw pattern, further evidence of the quality of construction used in the  Haiku Designs Kaiteki Tatami Mats.

This entire package is then wrapped in a durable cloth edging and tightly woven and tension stitched to prevent warping or bending.  

Because Tatami Mats include a large portion of rush straw, they are classified an agricultural product and must meet strict U.S. Department of Agricultural custom regulations designed to prevent the introduction of insects, and molds into the country. Most Tatami mat manufacturers meet these requirements by placing toxic powder insecticide coatings into several layers of the tatami mat or fumigating the entire mat with pesticide gas.

Our Kaiteki Tatami Mats are the cleanest, most eco-friendly mats available today because they are processed and manufactured naturally. Instead of toxic pesticide powders, fumigation gas or sprays, our mats meet the U.S. Customs requirements by means of an infrared heat process that gently heats the mats eliminating any potential molds. In addition, our rush straw components are thoroughly washed using a special process before manufacturing, eliminating any potential problems. 

What this means to you is that the Tatami mats from Haiku Designs offer a beautiful, harmonious traditional Japanese style floor covering for your home or office that is made from all-natural, renewable materials in a way that is Eco-friendly and toxin free.

Assembled in Taiwan, our Kaiteki Tatami mats are approved and certified for sale in Japan meeting the strict JAS and JIS standards for the sale of products in Japan.  With proper treatment, our Tatami mats will last up to 20 years. 

Benefits of Tatami Mats

Tatami mats are an ideal floor covering.  Perfect for bedrooms, whole homes, offices, meditation or yoga spaces, our Kaiteki Tatami mats are a comfortable, all natural floor covering that is being supportive to the body, but also less jarring and impactful to the knees, back and joints when walking.   They are also a natural air purifier, cleaning the air by absorbing nitrogen dioxide in the room.  In addition, our All Natural Tatami mats do not off-gas any dangerous chemicals, pesticides, or Formaldehyde gasses, as they are a 100 % natural product. Our Tatami mats because they are made of layers of Rush Grass and Rice straw are hygroscopic; absorbing moisture during periods of high humidity and naturally discharging the moisture back into the room when the air is dry, creating a comfortable balanced moisture balance that feels great. 

As an added benefit Tatami mats act as an insulator as well, keeping your room cool in the summer and holding heating and warmth during the cold season. 

Tatami mats help to clean the air by absorbing nitrogen dioxide in the room.  They are also hygroscopic; absorbing moisture during periods of high humidity and naturally discharging the moisture when the air is dry. Tatami mats act as an insulator as well, keeping your room cool.


  • Cleanest, most eco-friendly mats available today
  • Processed and manufactured naturally
  • Natural, renewable materials
  • No toxic pesticide powders or harmful sprays
  • Meets strict JAS, JIS, and USDA standards
  • Manufactured in Taiwan


35.5"W x 35.5"L x 2"H

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