The Japanese Landscape Screen

japanse landscape screen

A Unique Combination of Artwork, Functionality and Beauty

Each rice paper panel is further reinforced with horizontal, ecofriendly, thin bamboo matchsticks. These matchsticks are only noticeable from the back side of the screen.  The Japanese Landscape Screen is a beautiful Japanese brush art rendering of a mountain landscape painted on an authentic shoji screen. The landscape is painted on fiber-based rice supported by a Scandinavian Spruce frame. Learn More

The Japanese Landscape Screen
Each panel is 17 1/2" Wide x 72” High.


Shipping Information

The Japanese Landscape Screen ships UPS/FedEx Standard Ground within the Continental United States. Each item is carefully packed in extra sturdy boxing to protect against damage and shipped fully insured to your location.

  • Shipping Fee: $29
  • Shipping Time: 2-3 Weeks

eco friendly

In addition, our Japanese Landscape Screen features eco friendly bamboo. Bamboo wood is a fast growing, renewable resource, known for its strength and durability. It is so durable a wood, that it is now being used in many homes for a hardwood flooring. Constructed of a high-quality, ecofriendly bamboo for lightness and extra durability, the Japanese Landscape Screen is finished in black  clear. What this means is that the frame will not bend or warp overtime. Our Japanese Landscape screen is a perfect choice, combining strength, and beauty in a screen that is environmentally friendly. A perfect choice available only from Haiku Designs.

This ecofriendly screen:
  • Sustainable harvested, since bamboo is an all-natural wood product
  • Made of bamboo wood, a completely renewable resource
  • Uses bamboo that is cured and kiln dried so the final product will not warp or chip overtime
  • Is more durable and has a greater load bearing strength greater than solid oak.