Lounge Chairs

  1. FROM $2,275.00 FROM $2,699.00
    Carr Arm Chair
  2. FROM $1,799.00 FROM $2,099.00
    Graduate Lounge Chair in Tan
  3. FROM $2,150.00 FROM $2,399.00
    Magdelan Tufted Leather Arm Chair
  4. FROM $1,575.00 FROM $2,199.00
    Perth Club Chair
  5. FROM $2,325.00 FROM $2,699.00
    Greer Club Chair
  6. FROM $1,899.00 FROM $2,199.00
    Desmond Club Chair
  7. FROM $1,550.00 FROM $1,799.00
    Luxe Club Chair
  8. FROM $1,825.00 FROM $2,499.00
    Cambridge Club Chair
  9. FROM $1,050.00 FROM $1,499.00
    Layan Accent Chair
  10. FROM $1,399.00 FROM $1,599.00
    Dagwood Leather Arm Chair
  11. FROM $2,225.00 FROM $2,499.00
    Preston Club Chair
  12. FROM $479.00 FROM $567.00
    Bali Kubu Rattan Armchair
  13. FROM $1,199.00 FROM $1,399.00
    Tumble Slipper Chair
  14. FROM $1,275.00 FROM $1,499.00
    Tumble Corner Chair
  15. FROM $2,765.00 FROM $3,318.00
    Charles Classic Welsh Leather Club Chair
  16. FROM $1,875.00 FROM $2,099.00
    Connor Club Chair
  17. FROM $1,799.00 FROM $2,099.00
    Graduate Lounge Chair in Cappuccino
  18. FROM $881.00 FROM $1,058.00
    Lily Brown Leather Wheeled Armchair
  19. FROM $2,299.00 FROM $2,699.00
    Carlisle Club Chair
  20. FROM $1,475.00 FROM $2,099.00
    Graduate Lounge Chair in Purple
  21. FROM $1,111.00 FROM $1,334.00
    Charles Gray Velvet Arm Chair
  22. FROM $2,399.00 FROM $2,699.00
    Paradiso Lounge Chair

The Haiku Designs Line of Lounge Chairs feature a meeting of two styles, simple and sophisticated. Haiku Designs has created a unique combination of style, comfort and luxury with our distinctive line of Sofas, Sleeper Sofas and Lounge Chairs. Often the words "simple and sophisticated" would not be used together to describe the same piece of furniture. However, here at Haiku Designs we do things a little differently, and with our contemporary furniture designs we bring these two seemingly irreconcilable words together in a way that can only be called great.

By taking elements from traditional Japanese architectural style, and combining it with a look that is decidedly modern and contemporary, we are able to create a look where simple and sophisticated comes together in a perfect and ideal way. The end result is an outstanding selection of furniture that is attractive and upbeat and a refreshing change from what is found in most furniture big box stores today.

What people are saying about Haiku Designs...

Lamps and screens
Thank you so much. I appreciate your going the extra mile. I love the lamps and the screens and they look really great in my living room.
C.P., Dallas TX
Happy with our purchase
Just want to say that dealing with you all has been a pleasure - from getting a quote on shipping all the way to my vacation house, to speaking with the helpful woman this afternoon about the missing piece. The bed looks amazing and it's a quality product, you can tell. We're so happy about our purchase, thank you Haiku Designs!
JA, Fort Collins, CO
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