Living Room

  1. FROM $1,419.00
    Grand Bookshelf
  2. FROM $3,345.00 FROM $3,995.00
    Frode Dark Styletto Sofa Bed Upholstered Arms
  3. FROM $3,175.00 FROM $3,795.00
    Frode Dark Styletto Sofa Bed Walnut Arms
  4. Azara Coffee Table
    FROM $826.00 FROM $1,081.00
    Azara Coffee Table
  5. FROM $800.00 FROM $1,046.00
    Rosemary Coffee Table
  6. Rhody Lift Top Coffee Table
    FROM $960.00 FROM $1,256.00
    Rhody Lift Top Coffee Table
  7. FROM $2,250.00
    Serra Bookshelf
  8. FROM $1,067.00 FROM $1,396.00
    Studio Plus Bookshelf
  9. FROM $2,239.00
    Laurel Bookshelf
  10. FROM $1,923.00 FROM $2,515.00
    Azara Media Cabinet
  11. FROM $1,299.00 FROM $1,499.00
    O2 Media Center
  12. FROM $4,450.00 FROM $4,995.00
    Tripi Sofa Bed
  13. FROM $2,399.00 FROM $2,699.00
    Paradiso Lounge Chair
  14. FROM $1,875.00 FROM $2,099.00
    Connor Club Chair
  15. FROM $1,799.00 FROM $2,099.00
    Graduate Lounge Chair in Cappuccino
  16. FROM $585.00 FROM $766.00
    Danica Lounge Chair
  17. FROM $915.00 FROM $1,018.00
    Kettle Accent Table
  18. FROM $4,995.00 FROM $5,995.00
    Grand Sofa Bed
  19. FROM $3,475.00 FROM $4,145.00
    Supremax Sofa Bed
  20. FROM $987.00 FROM $1,291.00
    Antares Coffee Table
  21. FROM $770.00
    Ace Coffee Table
  22. FROM $3,075.00 FROM $3,695.00
    Cubed Queen Sofa Bed
  23. FROM $3,095.00 FROM $3,750.00
    Cubed Full Sofa Bed with Arms
  24. FROM $365.00 FROM $397.00
    Quadrant Marble Accent Table
  25. FROM $1,295.00 FROM $1,595.00
    Zeal Styletto Daybed
  26. FROM $3,495.00 FROM $4,250.00
    Cassius Quilted Sofa Bed
  27. FROM $915.00 FROM $984.00
    Archimedes Coffee Table
  28. FROM $690.00 FROM $795.00
    Cassius Ottoman

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Living Room Furniture

The living room is the gathering place for comfort and relaxation. Often families spend hours together on the comfort of a sofa, bonding over a movie, or playing games together. Your family deserves the best in eco-friendly and low-emissions furniture, so check out our selection of sofas and couches, tables and entertainment centers, lounge chairs and bring a little bit of love and nature into your home.

What people are saying about Haiku Designs...

You guys make it easy!
I just wanted to let you know that I received my Raku Tatami bed on Wednesday of this week. I also wanted to say that the call directly from Haiku to explain the process was quite unexpected. Your customer service should be applauded. I was also amazed at the EASE of assembly. I was excited to see the finished product so I put it together myself in about 20 minutes, most of which was spent unpacking the securely wrapped pieces. There was no damage to the product in shipping. This is the first time I have ever placed an order for a piece of furniture online. Having done so I would recommend Haiku to anyone wishing to purchase fashionable and unique furniture items of GREAT quality. Thanks again.
C.S., Chicopee, MA
Thanks for the info
Thank you so much for your info and suggestion. I can already tell your company is a good company!
L.Z., Houston TX
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