Lotus Meditation Cushion

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The Lotus Meditation Cushion is designed for everyone. It comes with a removable/washable cover. The cover is natural and there is a choice of handle colors. The cylindrical design helps to promote proper spinal alignment. The cylindrical design also allows it to be used while sitting in either the Seiza or Lotus positions, thus making it more versatile than a traditional zafu. The cover is triple-needle stitched for durability and stays on securely with our backpack style drawstring fastener. The inner case has easy access to the filling so it can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Buckwheat hulls adjust as your body moves to give you consistent support.
The Buckwheat hulls support and conform to your body.
The tetrahedral shape of the hulls allows for air circulation helping to regulate temperature. They help promote proper spinal alignment.


6"H x 10.5" D , 5lbs

  • Helps to promote proper spinal alignment
  • Promotes the proper posture for meditation
  • Great for people new to meditation
  • Removable/washable outer cushion
  • Opening for easy adjusting/refilling of cushion
  • Natural canvas filled with organic buckwheat hulls 
  • Choice of handle color
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