Lounge Chairs

The Haiku Designs Line of Lounge Chairs feature a meeting of two styles, simple and sophisticated. Haiku Designs has created a unique combination of style, comfort and luxury with our distinctive line of Sofas, Sleeper Sofas and Lounge Chairs. Often the words "simple and sophisticated" would not be used together to describe the same piece of furniture. However, here at Haiku Designs we do things a little differently, and with our contemporary furniture designs we bring these two seemingly irreconcilable words together in a way that can only be called great.

The Zenkei Convertible Love Seat
by Haiku Designs | Eco-Foam with Fabric & Textile Leather  
Vogue Convertible Sofabed and Lounge Chair
by Haiku Designs | Eco-Foam with Many Color Options  
Bodhi GrassJute Meditation Chair | Haiku Designs
Add Comfort to your Meditation  
Chill Chair
by Haiku Designs | Eco-Foam with Fabric & Textile Leather  
Meditation Cushions
Experience Comfort in Tranquility  
Bel Air Chaise Lounger
Lay back and Relax  
Bel Air Lounge Chair
Take a load off!  

By taking elements from traditional Japanese architectural style, and combining it with a look that is decidedly modern and contemporary, we are able to create a look where simple and sophisticated comes together in a perfect and ideal way. The end result is an outstanding selection of furniture that is attractive and upbeat and a refreshing change from what is found in most furniture big box stores today.