Latex, organic Cotton, Untreated Wool:  Our Natural Mattress Materials

Cotton — Breathable

Cotton is perfect for use in our Naturalpedic line of mattresses because of its unique combination of comfort and durability. Natural cotton also has the additional advantage of being able to breathe. When placed in our mattresses, this allows air to circulate throughout the mattress, keeping the sleeping area fresh and eliminating toxins and dust mite build up, so common in synthetic foam mattresses.

Most cotton today is grown traditionally using huge amounts of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers. Cotton is then processed using Dioxin Chemical bleaches to create the white cotton look upon which other colors are placed. These two steps make cotton one of the most chemical intense products on the planet.

At Haiku Designs we use only Natural and Organic Cotton in our sheets, mattresses and mattress covers, processed without the use of toxic bleaches and grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. 

Our mattresses are one of the best Eco-Friendly mattresses on the market today because they are crafted with a Natural cotton external shell, as well as layered internally with cotton stuffing. By using only natural products such as Organic cotton instead of petrochemical and synthetic foams and fillers which off gas into the sleeping environment, we insure that our mattresses offer a comfortable, and healthy good nights rest.  

Good For You and Good for the Planet!

Wool — Comforting

Wool is soft, elastic and resilient and acts as your own personal climate control, adjusting automatically to your body temperature. Wool is also extremely durable and is naturally anti-microbial. Haiku Designs incorporates Organic wool into the top layers of several models of our Naturalpedic mattresses, adding Natural comfort and extra luxury to the sleeping environment.

Organic wool refers to wool that has been processed naturally without the use of harsh chemical washes or dyes. 

Organic wool offers another distinct advantage in that it is naturally flame retardant. What this means to you is that our mattresses containing wool layers meet all Federal Flammability requirements without the use of toxic, chemical flame retardant sprays or chemical powders, placed on or in most mattresses. No chemical means a healthier nights and safer nights sleep.

Wool is more costly than petro-chemical polystyrene foams and synthetic materials, used in many mattresses on the market today, but here at Haiku Designs we feel you are worth it.

Relax, Lay Down in Luxurious Comfort!!

Latex — Supportive

Natural Latex is at the heart of our Naturalpedic line of mattresses. A solid core of latex provides optimal support that gently conforms to the contours of the body. This eliminates pressure points on the body, creating a more restful, better nights sleep. Latex is an all-natural material produced from the Hevea Brazilian tree and is farmed, making latex a completely renewable natural resource.

In addition, latex is hypoallergenic and anti-microbial and will not provide a host for allergens, molds or dust mites. Latex also does not off-gas toxic fumes into the sleeping environment, as do synthetic foams, making it an ideal choice for our Naturalpedic mattresses.

At Haiku Designs we use only the highest quality, 100% natural latex for extra strength and durability. Available in several styles of firmness, the Latex core found in our Eco-Friendly mattresses provides a support and comfort level that can only be described as amazing. Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury, a healthy and restful good nights sleep.

Relax and Enjoy!!