Contemporary Decorative Mirrors: Designs That Create Simplicity

Decorative Mirrors

Reflecting the moon

Chionyo was a Japanese student of Zen philosophy during the Middle Ages. After a lifetime of study and meditation, she was carrying a full bucket of water from the well on a full moon evening. While gazing at the reflection of the full moon in the water in the bucket, the bamboo strips holding the pail broke, and the water rushed out, erasing the image of the moon. At that moment, she became enlightened. May the beautiful handcrafted mirrors offered here by Haiku Designs give you the magic of reflection and serve as a perfect compliment to your home or office.

Each mirror is made from 100% optically-clear, reflective glass, framed in hand-polished wood or glass. Many of the mirrors can be hung horizontally or vertically, offering greater variety in placement in your home or office. The elegant collection of handcrafted mirrors offer the ideal complement to the contemporary furniture collections from Haiku Designs. Be sure to review the full line of Living Room Furniture, and Sleeper Sofa and Sofabed Collections from Haiku Designs. We also offer matching Asian Furniture Lamps for many of the mirrors.

Decorative Mirrors

Hiro Takai Mirror

Hiro  Mirror 

The Hiro Mirror is a great way to supplement the Hiro bedroom furniture set. The mirror is designed to hang horizontally on a bedroom wall, or you can rest it the Hiro Horizontal Dresser. It has the same design and themes as the other pieces of this exceptional bedroom set, which adds a taste of beauty and harmony to the whole room.

50" wide x 36" high x 1.25" deep

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Gap MirrorGap Mirror - 49" wide x 1" deep x 20" high


Astrid Wall MirrorAstrid Wall Mirror

Wall mirror dimensions - 30”wide x 28 ¾” high x 1 ¼” deep

aria mirror

The Aria Wall Mirror

The Aria Wall Mirror comes in either white or black with a stamped leather frame. Truck line shipping.

Aria Mirror. 49” long x 1” thick x 20” high. 45 lbs.


Luxor Mirror

Luxor Wall Mirror

The fetching Luxor Mirror is a wonderful choice for accenting your Luxor bedroom set. Standing with pride, the Luxor Mirror is made of textile leather, and the frame comes in the colors of ebony or ivory, which protects a stunning glass surface.

Luxor Wall Hanging Mirror. 47” horizontal x 20” high x 1” thick.


Notting Hill mirror

Notting Hill Mirror

The Notting Hill Mirror is crafted from solid mahogany with an espresso finish. Truck line shipping.

Notting Hill Mirror, 50" wide x 1.5" deep x 36'' high. 34 lbs.


Contempo mirrorContempo Wall Mirror

This memorable mirror is designed with hard mahogany and all wood composites. It has beveled glass, and is easily attached to the Contempo Dresser or any wall (hardware is included). This charming mirror flaunts a precise miter-joint construction with a sweet, chocolate-brown finish. Truck line shipping.

Contempo Mirror, 51" wide x 2" deep x 43'' high. 31 lbs.


Shipping Information

Honest Shipping

Haiku Designs provides a straightforward method for shipping furniture. When you purchase any mirrors from Haiku Designs, you receive a UPS flat-rate charge for ground, residential delivery anywhere in the continental United States. All packages are double boxed to above industry specifications and are shipped fully insured against loss or damage. For additional information, please, contact us at 1-800-736-7614.