Natural Sleep Organic Duvet Cover

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Natural Sleep Organic Duvet Cover feature 300-thread count 100% pure organic cotton sateen. The duvet covers are available in Twin, Full/Queen and King Sizes.

Our healthy, all-organic Natural Sleep Organic Duvet Cover provide you with a more restful night's sleep so you begin the day with more energy, better health and a sense of well being. Our Natural Sleep Organic Duvet Covers are comfortable, soft and lightweight, so you sleep better and enjoy a higher quality of life.Our Natural Sleep Organic Duvet Cover features 300-thread count, pure organic cotton so the duvet is soft to the touch and very comfortable. Our duvet covers are made from 100% organic cotton that has been naturally grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. These incredibly soft duvet covers are both safe for the environment and feel great against your skin and are sized to fit any corresponding size of comforter, down, silk, wool, cotton or polyester fill, that not only provide protection for the comforter against night sweats, or stains, they are easily machine washable, extending the life of whatever comforter you may choose. 

  • Made of 100% pure, organic cotton sateen. Cotton breathes, allowing air to circulate throughout the duvet covers, refreshing the sleeping environment with fresh air and naturally regulating the temperature.
  • 300-thread count ensures durable, soft duvet covers.
  • Button closure means easy to open and close securely when needed.
  • Machine wash in cold water and tumble dry on air cycle or no heat for easy care (can also line dry).
  • All Organic Product. No Synthetic blends. No off-gassing of toxic fumes into the sleeping environment as do all synthetic duvet covers.
  • Our exclusive manufacturing process creates superior duvet covers with a longer life expectancy than common synthetic duvet covers.
  • Each duvet cover is shipped in a reusuable and biodegradable organic cotton bag.
  • Fits all standard size Twin, Full/Queen or King comforters, providing protection against soiling for any down, wool, synthetic or silk comforter.

Organic Duvet Cover Sizes
68 x 88 inches   / Full/Queen 92 x 92 inches   / King 104 x 92 inches

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