Natural Sleep Washable Wool Pillow

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Our Haiku Designs Natural Sleep Washable Wool pillow provides a wonderful,  and comfortable head and neck support with a 100% Natural Wool fill pillow.  Wool is often used as a comforter fill but is sometimes not considered as a perfect Pillow material. All of the benefits one considers and enjoys with a wool comforter, and more are present in the Natural Sleep Pillow… And More.

Health and Eco-Friendly Benefits of a Natural Sleep Washable Wool Pillow

*Wool offers a firm and supportive resting surface for the neck and back eliminating kinks or tensions binds.

*Wool is 100% natural and is not treated with any chemical cleaners, dyes or fillers. 

*Natural Wool does not off-gas toxic fumes into the sleeping environment

*Wicks moisture and Breathes naturally cutting down and eliminating molds, allergens, and dust mites

* Warms in the winter and Cools in the summer providing year-round use and comfort

*Cleaner and Healthier Alternative to Down or Synthetic pillow fillers.

*100% natural wool eliminates all petrochemicals materials, creating a healthier sleeping experience.

*Completely Washable on normal wash cycle allowing you many years of comfort and trouble-free use.

 Lay back and relax with our washable wool pillow!

  • Wool fill weight: 0.5lbs.
  • Ivory Color
  • Cover: 100% Natural Cotton Percale
  • Fill: 100% Natural Washable Wool
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