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Posted on Sep 01, 2011

We have recently updated our Website. 
Same Great Products! Same Great Service. 
And Totally New Look!


A full out, many months in the works project, from nuts to bolts, from all the way down deep basic source code, to a new color scheme, to a complete font and size and color of all texts, Haiku Designs is pleased and excited to announce our newly designed website.  With increased functionality, state of the art web security, browser friendly structure, and many other improvements, Haiku Designs is confident that our existing customers will appreciate the new features, look and products while customers finding us for the first will enjoy the look, feel and function ability that we are known for.

 Our approach is different from many other furniture websites that jam in as much product as possible onto each page.  We take a different approach in offering a select range of products in all price categories, presented in a manner that is relaxed, simple, and informative and that conveys to our customers and potential customers a  feeling of how that particular furniture piece would look in their own home or office.  Our selection of contemporary and modern furniture is based on the design themes of simplicity, beauty and harmony.  

Placed in your home or office they actually begin to create a whole new life expression based on those themes, of rest, east and harmony with ones environment. 

We hope you enjoy our new website design and look.  Browse our pages for a unique selection of modern and contemporary bedroom furniture, Japanese furniture and eco-friendly bedding.  Check out the blogs for new interior designs tips and sign up for our newsletter and be the first two receive special sales discounts and new product introductions. 

Thanks for coming by!!

 Haiku Designs



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