Haiku Designs Releases Eco-Friendly Mattress Line

Posted on Feb 03, 2014

Haiku Designs Releases Eco-Friendly Mattress Line

Organic mattress feature natural oil-based foams.


"And best of all we find that customers really love the comfort and feel of the mattress."

BOULDER, Colorado (PRWEB) October 03, 2013

Haiku Designs, a company that specializes in unique bedroom furniture and organic bedding, recently released a line of organic mattresses that were developed using natural oil-based foams. These foams are as durable as foams based on petrochemicals, but their manufacturing process is safer for the environment.

From its showroom on Center Green Court in Boulder, Haiku Designs offers mattresses, furniture, and organic bedding, such as an organic cotton cover and latex mattress topper. Customers have enthusiastically recommended Haiku Designs’ new eco-friendly mattress, stating that its luxurious feel provides a comfortable night’s sleep.

By manufacturing foam using vegetable oils, Haiku Designs has found that they are able to significantly reduce greenhouse emissions. In fact, some experts state that vegetable oil-based foams reduce greenhouse emissions by 36%, compared to traditional foams. This production process also results in 61% lower energy output.

For customers, however, the use of natural oils means a safer sleeping environment. Mattresses can emit “off gas,” which are then inhaled by the sleeper. In some cases, off-gassing can be such a nuisance that mattress buyers return the mattress. With an organic mattress, consumers experience no unpleasant odors or inhalations, leading to a safer, more pleasant sleeping experience.

“Our Eco-Comfort Mattress uses latex foam and Castor oil foam for a healthy, all natural alternative to conventional petrochemical foam mattresses,” says a spokesperson for Haiku Designs. “And best of all we find that customers really love the comfort and feel of the mattress.”

Haiku Designs offers other eco-friendly items, including bamboo furniture and organic futons. Each item sold in the company’s showroom is geared toward both the safety of the environment and the comfort of the customer. With its eco-friendly bedding as well, Haiku Designs provides a sleep experience that is completely environmentally-friendly.

Recognizing the importance of environmental consciousness, Ford recently implemented similar foams in seats for its 2013 Mustang. As organic foam becomes more popular in mattresses and cushions, consumers will grow accustomed to the comfort of foams made using natural oils.

In addition to providing products in its showroom, Haiku Designs provides items to a national customer base through its website, http://www.haikudesigns.com/. Whether a customer purchases an organic mattress or bedroom furniture from Haiku Designs, all items can be shipped with extra packing and triple boxing to ensure items arrive without damage. Items are shipped by truck using Grade-A truck lines or a shipping service like UPS or FedEx. Haiku Designs also provides inside delivery and furniture delivery for those customers who need it.

Customers have access to a 24-hour customer support line to ask questions or report issues with any products, with 100 percent satisfaction serving as Haiku Designs’ top goal. Haiku Designs has two sister companies: Haiku Sofa Designs and Japan Shoi, both of which feature beautifully-designed furniture that puts customer comfort first.

Colorado residents and guests can visit Haiku Designs’ showroom at 2905 Center Green Court in Boulder. For those outside of the Colorado area, Haiku Designs’ line of mattresses and eco-friendly bedding can be viewed and purchased through the store’s website, http://www.haikudesigns.com/.


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