Haiku Designs Offers First U.S. Bedroom Furniture Lines to Meet E-1 Toxic Emissions Standards

Posted on Nov 21, 2011

Boulder, CO – November 21, 2011 –  Haiku Designs, a leading online retailer of Asian furniture, is proud to announce their eco-friendly bedroom furniture lines, some of the first lines available in the United States that meet strict E-1 European emissions standards for furniture toxic off-gassing.

Many materials found in most furniture made today emit formaldehyde and a whole range of chemical gasses, many of which are harmful and known allergens. The emissions rating system created by the European Union in Brussels is the most stringent rating system for furniture products in the world. This system rates furniture according to the amount of chemicals used in the manufacturing process, the degree of dangerous off-gassing of formaldehyde and other toxic gasses, and the source of base materials used. Each product is then assigned a rating with “E-1” being the best rating with zero off-gassing and “E-5” being the worst with significant off-gassing.

Many of the products offered by Haiku Designs have been awarded the “E-1” rating for furniture manufacturing, the highest rating available, which signifies the materials used in the construction of the furniture do not off-gas formaldehyde or other dangerous fumes into the sleeping environment. In addition all paints, glues, and finishes used in the furniture do not off-emit toxic gasses.

“We are extremely proud to have one of the only bedroom furniture lines available in the United States with the ‘E-1’ rating,” said a Haiku Designs representative. “Even though these gasses are known to be harmful to one’s health, there are currently no standards for toxic gas emissions from furniture in the U.S.  In addition there is no similar furniture product made in the United States, China or the Pacific Rim that has obtained this emission rating.”

The “E-1” rated bedroom furniture lines from Haiku Designs include the Tokyo bedroom furniture set, the Cloud bedroom furniture set, Asia platform bed collection, the Capri bedroom furniture line, Firenze bedroom furniture, the Nikko bedroom furniture set, the Luxor bedroom furniture collection, the City bedroom furniture, Kenso bedroom furniture, and the Milano bedroom furniture line.

To view these bedroom furniture lines and other “E-1” rated Asian furniture, visit www.HaikuDesigns.com.

About Haiku Designs:

Haiku Designs has been offering the finest modern, contemporary and Japanese style furniture on the market for over 20 years. They are the leader in platform beds, sleeper sofas and bedroom furniture sets, as well as unique gifts and accessories for the home.


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