Haiku Designs Bed Featured in “ Star Trek Into Darkness” Film.

Posted on Nov 27, 2013

“It is great to know our beds are still popular in the 22nd century as they are today”, says Clay Phipps managing sales director for Haiku Designs a furniture and mattress company located in Boulder, CO.  “We were surprised to see our Asia Platform Bed in the film version of the Star Trek Into Darkness and when the DVD was released we were able to confirm that it was used in  one of the scenes early on in the movie”

 After researching and contacting Paramount Pictures the producer of the film, it seems the props department in charge of sets, had made purchases of several of our lines of furniture, notably our modern style platform beds.  As many of these pieces are not selected for movie shoots it is never certain if one of the furniture pieces will actually show up in a final cut of a movie.

 Much of the furniture, offered by our company through our Boulder, Col showroom and our retail website, www.haikudeisgns.com is very modern in look featuring a style that matches the futuristic setting of the Star Trek Movie.  “The Asian Bed looks pretty good in our time also” exclaimed Mr. Phipps, “and you don’t have to wait 1200 years to get it.  Our delivery times are pretty decent… in the 3-4 week range.”

Haiku Designs features a wide range of contemporary and modern furniture, platform beds, and Organic Mattresses and Bedding.  Check out more about our Star Trek bed on our HaikuDesigns Furniture Blog 


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