Haiku Designs Introduces the Total Sleep System --- for a Better Night’s Rest

Posted on Feb 19, 2014

Boulder, Colorado January 29, 2014

Today’s health-conscious consumer who takes care of themselves, exercises regularly and eats well, is more and more beginning to consider the area where they spend over 1/3 of their lives --- and that is the sleeping environment. It is clear that the type of bedroom furniture and mattress one uses can have a direct impact on one’s health, sleep and sense of well-being.

Haiku Designs Introduces: 
Total Sleep Systems 
A Slatted platform Bed + An All Natural Mattress 
For healthier and better night’s sleep.

The first component of a Total Sleep System is a slatted platform bed. Instead of the mattress sitting on a box spring, it sits directly on the slatted platform bed frame. This slatted system allows air to circulate through the mattress and sleep environment, cutting down on dust mites, mold and other allergies producing pathogens. The second component is an all-natural Latex or Eco-Friendly mattress. Not only does this provide great comfort and orthopedic support, it eliminates off gassing of harmful petrochemicals and VOA’s… volatile organic compounds, both of which stress the immune system, create allergic reactions, and can compromise not only your nightly sleep but one’s entire health.

Consider Instead a Total Sleep System --- A platform bed and an all-natural mattress from Haiku Designs work together to create a healthier sleeping environment.

Haiku Designs offers wide range of Modern Bedroom furniture, Platform beds, All Natural latex mattresses and Organic Sleep products. We ship our products to customers all over the county who want a Healthier Choice of furniture and mattresses for their home. For more information, visit http://www.haikudesigns.com/total-sleep-systems.htm.

"Simplicity in Design -- In Accord with Nature"


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