Earth Day Newsletter 2015

Posted on Apr 29, 2015

Earth Day Special --- Buy a Bed, Plant a Tree

For Earth Day - April 22nd until the end of the month, Haiku Designs Furniture will plant a tree for each order placed for any one of our beds, sofas, or all natural mattresses.   


In an effort to give back to Mother Earth, Haiku Designs will plant a tree for every furniture or mattress order placed. Here at Haiku Designs, we make every effort to limit our impact on the planet, and to lower our carbon footprint, by the use of sustainably produced source materials such as bamboo hardwood, sustainably managed hardwoods from FSC certified forests and other steps we take to lower our environmental impact. To help offset the impact on the planet that business does effect, Haiku Designs will plant a tree in a US National Forest through the resources of All Living Tribute, for all furniture purchased.  Now that is something to feel good about.


Taking Care of Mother Earth



Haiku of the Week


Young bamboo;
just two or three days,
of youth.






Haiku Designs


Feng Shui, Milieu Therapy and Eco-Friendly Furniture


Milieu therapy is clinical term for how one’s physical and social environment can increase one’s wellbeing. Traditionally, Milieu therapy is applied to people who suffer from some kind of serious mental-illness, but its principles can be applied to anyone who wants to live a healthier and more gratifying life. For example, reorganizing a cluttered space can not only free you of unnecessary possessions but it also creates the space you need for new things to enter your life, and it makes it easier to move around your house without bumping into something.


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