Haiku Designs Newsletter: September 2012

Posted on Sep 09, 2012


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Newsletter: September 2012

New item: The da Vinci Contemporary Dining Room Set

Take a bold step into something new, fresh and excitingly different. The da Vinci Dining Room Furniture is Italian made, Italian designed and named in honor of the great Italian artist and Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci. A modern dining set that is a fitting tribute to the long tradition of excellence and creative intelligence found in Italian culture. 
The da Vinci set brings sophisticated elegance and simplicity into the home, creating a place for dining and entertaining that is striking, comfortable and unique.

Sweet Dreams Natural Mattress Toppers

Luxurious, comfortable and healthy, all-natural and organic mattress toppers are designed for many years of enjoyment. Read More...


This week's Haiku

Here's a haiku by Yosa Buson, one of the great haiku poets:

The slow day;
A pheasant
Settles on the bridge.


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More new items for September:

Arata Platform Bed   |   Sora Platform Bed

Luxor Dining Set   |   Asta Dining Set   |   Solerna Dining Set


From our blog

“E-1 classification”? “All-natural Latex”? Why natural and sustainable terms are important for your home.

When you are buying items for your home, whether it’s furniture, or bedding, even flooring, you want them to be of the highest quality. You also want them to be safe and healthy for your family.

We talk about “organic” and “natural”, and even that products are classified by how healthy they are. But what do those terms and ideas really mean? Read More...

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This week's question: What do you look for most when you are purchasing new dining room furniture? Let us know what you think here.

 Google Plus

We follow Home Designing on G+, and they posted some great ideas using Bonsai trees to accent a room. See the Bonsai ideas here.


New inspirational photos include Beach Cathedral, Spain; Lake McDonald, Montana; and Haiku Trail on Oahu, Hawaii. See those and more here on our board, and repin us.

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