Spring Sale Newsletter 2015

Posted on Apr 28, 2015

Shake off the Winter Blues ---- Move Into Spring With Big Savings

10% off on any product From Haiku Designs

Good news. The long winter of our discontent is becoming glorious spring. Finally! It seems that most of the United States has had a tough and lengthy winter this year.  And now that spring is beginning to show itself,  we at Haiku Designs Furniture feel that it is a good time to herald the arrival of spring with a big collective.... sigh of relief. And to celebrate this coming of warmer weather we have decided to offer a great across the board discount on any of the products offered on our website.


So if you were thinking to upgrade your bedroom this spring, or need some new lamps to shake off the winter blues, or were perhaps considering a new all natural organic latex mattress, then this could be the ideal time



Haiku of the Week


The nightingale comes;
with his shadow,
spring window.





"Haiku Designs Furniture is pleased to introduce the New Azara Bamboo Bed.  Stunning design, sustainably production, and excellent quality construction come together in a bedroom furniture collection that is a cut above much of the furniture on the market today. The Azara platform bed and matching bedroom furniture is truly the wave of our Eco- Friendly future, offering furniture that is beautifully designed,  and constructed  and in harmony with planet earth."  



Haiku Designs


King Tut and his Platform Bed


The Next Right Angle on Platform Beds


King Tut’ had a lot of gold and a lot of dedicated constructions workers, but he also had something just as good as gold—a platform bed. Of course, his bed and his bedroom were unique to his time in ancient Egypt, where pyramids were popping up left and right, but like today’s modern platform bed, King Tutankhamun’s bed had no need for a cumbersome box-spring. Read More..

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