Oriental Furniture and Oriental Home Decor

Oriental Furniture

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Distinctive Oriental Furniture and Home Decor
with Simplicity and Harmony

Oriental Furniture, Asian Furniture

Haiku Designs is pleased to offer a full line of beautifully designed Oriental furniture and Oriental Decor. The term Oriental furniture is a broadly used term encompassing furniture, art, and design from a wide range of countries and cultures including the areas of Asia, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Burma, and sometimes the subcontinent of India.

Although many of the basic design themes are similar in each of these countries they each have also evolved their own unique styles and tastes. For instance, Feng Shui principles of design originated in China, while the use of bright colors and material began in Korea. Shoji screens and the Zen aesthetic of harmony was born in Japan.

Over time each of these individual styles and themes spread to other areas of the Oriental world creating a large palette of styles and designs now termed Oriental.

Most Oriental and Japanese furniture is designed around the theme of simplicity and harmony, in an effort to create a sense of beauty and accord with the minimal use of materials and space. Enjoy the unique and distinctive Asian furniture pieces offered here at Haiku Designs as you create your own harmonious environment.