Dining Chairs

  1. FROM $1,452.00 FROM $2,076.00
    Modurn Stackable Dining Armchair-Set of 4
  2. FROM $487.00 FROM $696.00
    Oasis Bar Armchair
  3. FROM $384.00 FROM $549.00
    Palm Bar Chair
  4. FROM $355.00 FROM $374.00
    Gem Outdoor Stool
  5. FROM $430.00 FROM $614.00
    Oasis Bar Chair

What people are saying about Haiku Designs...

Lamps and screens
Thank you so much. I appreciate your going the extra mile. I love the lamps and the screens and they look really great in my living room.
C.P., Dallas TX
Comfortable Organic sheets
We were interested in the organic sheet sets that Haiku Designs has. We weren't sure if they were right for us, and contacting them worked out great! They gave us the ins and outs of the sheets, told us what to expect, and answered all of our questions. They arrived the other day, and they are so comfortable! I would definitely buy from them again, great service and products!
H.D., Windsor, CO
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