Portland Jute Rug

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One small step toward creating a cleaner and more breathable atmosphere, the Jute Portland Grey Rug is proudly a biodegradable low-emissions product that benefits your home and the planet.In the case of this particular rug, you won’t find a more natural and elegant design in the beautiful gray tone fiber. Jute is commonly known as the golden fiber for its shimmery texture and gorgeous natural sheen.

A common trait of synthetic rugs and carpets is the introduction of volatile organic compounds into the air of your home. This rug, being 100% natural and organic is the ideal choice for reducing allergens, and regulating humidity. The excellent strength of the Jute fiber ensures longevity and durability of the Portland Grey Rug and allows you to use it actively with the same benefit. The long Jute fibers are perfect for weaving and incorporation of nature into your home.

100% Natural and Organic Jute
Minimal Noxious Gasses
Natural golden shine
High tensile strength
Breathable and Moisture Resistant
Responsibly Harvested from Sustainable Sources
Low-Profile grey coloring with tucked ends

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