Premier Bamboo Rug

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Make a bold statement for the beauty and harmony of nature with the Bamboo Premier Rug. The elegance of the far-east traditional design combined with modern manufacturing and conservation techniques creates the perfect piece that will complete or inspire your decor.Designed with a unique horizontal pattern that features deep ruddy undertones and a natural colored striping, the Premier is a perfect addition to your balanced and harmonious home.This piece has been constructed using renewable Moso Bamboo sourced from the Anji Mountain forests. One of the most interesting things about Moso Bamboo is thatis requiresvery little cultivation for sustainability. As the fastest growing plant on our shared planet, Moso Bamboo reaches harvestable maturity within four years of initial growth. This makes Bamboo an ideal resource in the creative art of rug design. As an added bonus, an organic non-slip back and mitered cotton border are attached to the sides and bottom of the bamboo surface. This creates a safety feature for the rug to ensure that it remains in place.

  • 100% Renewable Moso Bamboo
  • Organic and Environmentally Responsible Materials
  • Sourced directly from the Bamboo Gardens in the Anji Mountains
  • Contrasting Organic Cotton Borders
  • Non-Slip Rug Backing

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