Roma Sleeper Sofa

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European Elegance Meets Contemporary Style with the Haiku Designs Roma Sleeper Sofa

The multifunctional Roma Sleeper Sofa is designed around the timeless principle of simplicity and harmony. With your new Roma Sleeper Sofa, you will create a sense of harmony and beauty wherever it is placed. The Roma Living Room Sofa can bring the contemporary urban style and functionality of a sleeper sofa into your home.

The Roma Sleeper Sofa is named after Rome, known as the eternal city and one of the most visited destinations in Italy. Visitors enjoy the exquisite artworks, archeological treasures, majestic architectural style and the beauty of the panoramic views. Bring the style and rich tradition of Italy home with you with the Roma Sleeper Sofa.



The Roma Sleeper Sofa is designed in Europe. This Roma sofabed features the latest Eco-comfort technology composed of a sturdy steel frame, individually nested pocket springs, and a layer of Euro-Foam cushioning and natural fiberfill.

In a traditional open coil spring system, springs are interwoven so that when one person sits at one end of the couch motion or movement to the other springs occurs, leading to the uncomfortable movement of rolling-together or the feeling of being bounced around. This Haiku Designs Roma sofabed, like the Chill sofabed, incorporates a superior system without motion transfer due to the nested coil system. What this means is that each pocket spring is nested and placed in a material pocket individually and then sewn together.



This special coil system offers a firm and comfortable rest and while at the same time producing zero motion transfer from one person to another, because each spring reacts individually. Even in the sofabed position, each sleeper will be individually supported for a restful nights sleep.

Special Eco-Foam surrounds this unique nested coil system and is then wrapped in a heavy gauge Linen cover. These specially designed materials do not off-gas as much as do more conventional covers and foams, and due to the fact that they incorporate an extra tight weave of extra fine fibers, they are stain resistant. The real benefit is a beautiful, comfortable, high-quality Euro style Sleeper sofa, with less synthetic chemicals on the surface where you sit and where you place your head. Better for your health, Better for the planet.



Our Roma Sleeper Sofa is a contemporary-looking couch that sets up quickly and easily into a comfortable bed. It combines function, form and versatility into one unique furniture piece. Following the European inspired design themes of simple functionality, the Roma Sleeper Sofa features two separate settings. In the first setting, the Roma sofa functions as a couch. In the second setting, the sleeper sofa converts easily into a comfortable bed.

Simple assembly required. Truck line shipping.

Sofa Position: 45” deep x 79” long. 16” from floor to the top of the seat cushion. 28” from floor to the top of the backrest
Flat Position: 66” wide x 79” long

Colors Available

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