Sattva Meditation Chair

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The Sattva Meditation Chair is the perfect hair for your mindfulness and meditation practice.

The name Sattva is derived form Sanskrit and is a description of the 3 Gunas of life forces. Sattva can be translated as the quality of goodness, balance, harmony, confidence, and peace.

Discover, nourish, and deepen these qualities in your life with our Sattva Meditation chair.  Designed to offer a comfortable and relaxing support for meditation, our Sattva chair is also great for everyday usage, providing a comfortable sitting surface, back support and perfectly situated armrests. In addition the beautiful yet simple design adds an elegance and charm to any home or office environment.

Our Sattva chairs our ergonomically designed with a unique 3 inch drop in the middle of the seat allowing your feet to rest slightly below the knees when sitting in cross legged meditation position. This lessens pressure on the back and spine, which is further supported by a solid wood backrest ideally positioned at the right angle for a comfortable and easy sitting position. In addition you can rest your feet upon the floor crossing your legs and letting your body rest naturally.

As an added feature, the Sattva offers short stylish arms that serve as armrest and to offer support in getting up and down.  The arms are also situated in order not to interfere with the leg crossing.

This optimal orthopedic alignment is further enhanced by a 100% all-natural Kapok cushion for the back and sitting surface of the chair providing additional support for your mindfulness or meditation practice.

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