Sereno Organic Latex Shiki Mat

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The Sereno Organic and Latex Shiki Futon from Haiku Designs Furniture is modern interpretation of the traditional Japanese Futon.

The Sereno Organic and Latex Shiki Futon from Haiku Designs Furniture is a modern interpretation of the traditional Japanese Futon, or Shikibuton. Based on the minimalist, firm sleeping surface of the classical Japanese thin futon, our Haiku Designs Sereno Shiki mat offers many of the same features, such as the thinness, firmness, and flexible storage of the original and upgrades it with a Natural Latex core and an Organic Cotton and Wool interior.

Great for apartments, or guest rooms or for people who appreciate the comfortable feel of latex but don’t want a larger style of Latex mattress. Our Shiki Organic Futon is surprisingly lightweight and can be easily folded up and stored to make better use of space as is done in many traditional Japanese homes. Perfect for out of town guests or when a friend has had too much Saki and it is better off sleeping overnight on your living room floor on the Sereno Shiki mat.

Each Haiku Designs Organic Latex Shikibuton is made by hand here in the United States, featuring a solid 4 inch Natural latex core, surrounded by Organic cotton and then wrapped in a layer of thermal regulating felted organic wool sourced from suppliers from Oregon and the California coast. These layers of supportive latex and soft organic wool are hand constructed to insure superior resilience, comfortable feel and perfect orthopedic support. Then finished product is then wrapped in Organic cotton, heavy twill cover.

In addition, because wool is natural flame retardant our Organic Shiki Mats meets all federal requirements without the use of toxic flame retardant sprays or chemicals creating a healthier, and all natural sleeping environments. The overall sleep comfort feel will be firm along the lines of our regular Shiki Mat, but with just a slight give.

Our Organic Shiki futon works best when used with a Japanese Tatami Bed or with Tatami mats on the floor, similar to the way the mattress is used in Japan. Tatami Mats provide a flat, solid surface and optimal support while allowing air to percolate throughout the mattress, mats and sleeping environment, cutting down on dust mites, eliminating mold, and other allergens.

Want Futon like firmness but with a softer feel than the Traditional Japanese Shiki Futon? Consider our Hybrid futons.

Note: When used with a slat-style platform bed, a single Shiki mat will need some type of support (such as a Tatami mat) as the slats can felt through the mat.

Product Details

  • All natural materials such as GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and Wool and GOLS Certified 100% Botanical Dunlop Latex
  • Promotes a clean and non-toxic sleeping environment, free of petrochemical, off gassing foams
  • Meets all federal safety requirements without the use of toxic flame retardant sprays or chemicals
  • Medium firmness
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King

Left: Close-up of the Sereno Shiki Mat's color

Right: Cross Section of the Sereno Shiki Mat

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