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Any room is an invitation - an invitation to be creative, an invitation to re-do your living room, an invitation to rearrange your den, or to finally create an office that is really you.

Our Shoji Screens are the perfect furniture accessory for this process. As accent pieces in smaller rooms or as Room Dividers for larger home spaces, shoji screens from Haiku Designs are the perfect way to add a distinctive oriental flair to your home. When coupled with other items from our extensive line of Japanese Furniture and Oriental décor you can create a look that is both sophisticated and elegant.Learn More

Cherry Blossom Canvas Screen
by Haiku Designs | Classic Brush Rendering, Sumi-e Style  
Tall Cranes Canvas Screen
by Haiku Designs | Kiln-Dried Spruce with a Poly-Cotton Canvas  
Japanese Landscape Screen
by Haiku Designs | Rice Paper with Scandinavian Spruce Frame  

Most of our Shoji Screens are made from kiln dried hardwood and a unique rice paper blend that is opaque. This special blended paper allows diffused light through the screen panels, creating a bright, yet soft ambient glow that is special and unique to our distinctive folding screens. We also have canvas panel screens available.

Our selection of Oriental Furniture and Japanese Home Furnishings offer a wide variety of creative choices. Their uses are as varied as your imagination.

A room is, after all, only an invitation waiting for you to create it.

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