Raku Japanese Platform Bed

raku tatami bed

Simplicity in Design - In Accord with Nature

Japanese Style Tatami Beds

This beautiful Japanese Style platform is called the Raku Tatami bed. Raku means “Simple Comfort” in Japanese and our Raku bed is all about simple comforts. Featuring a low to the groundwood bed frame, the Raku bed offers an ingenious corner locking structure, which eliminates the need for nuts, bolts, brackets or screws. The corner pieces simply slide together creating a sturdy, and trouble-free connection. 

Solid wood slats offer a perfect platform for any type of futon or mattress.  Or choose the more traditional approach and use the grass straw Tatami mats, offering a firm, all-natural place to lay your mattress. Try sleeping Japanese style with your sheets and blankets directly on the Tatami Mats.  However for most people raised in this part of the world, this will be too firm to sleep, and we recommend one of our “Organic Futons”. 

The Raku Japanese Platform bed creates a space of beauty, simplicity, and harmony in any room that it is placed.  

“Shelter That Brings Tranquility – Design That Creates Simplicity”