Standing Soldier Terra Cotta Statue

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The Standing Soldier Terra Cotta Statue is a beautiful, artistic depiction of an archaic Chinese warrior. Crafted in kiln fired, terra cotta clay the Standing Soldier will dutifully watch over your home while adding a touch of elegant decor.

Over 2,200 years ago China's first emperor, Qin Shi Huagn, in search of immortality, ordered the construction of a vast army of 8,000 life-sized Terra Cotta warriors. For 36 years, more than 700,000 laborers worked on this huge project. Surrounding his tomb and then buried under layers of earth and sand, this amazing archeological treasure was first discovered in 1974, by a Chinese farmer digging a well. The subject of numerous articles, television shows, and visited by over 2 million visitors each year, the site is considered one of the wonders of the ancient world.

Haiku Designs is pleased to offer Terra Cotta reproductions of several of the warriors found in this site. Terra Cotta is a kiln fired clay known for its strength and durability. Our Terra Cotta Warriors are cast from molds made from the original statues and are the only reproductions authorized and certified by the government of China.

In addition, the Haiku Designs Terra Cotta statues are museum quality in terms of exact and fine detail reproduction, and in the manner in which they are finished. All of our statues feature precise detail down to the expressive facial features and are finished with a special patina wash to most closely resemble the antique look of the originals.

Available in several different sizes, our Ancient Chinese statues are a great complement to any decor. Try one of the smaller sizes as a gift, or a bookcase collectible, while the larger life size statues can be a dramatic addition to a home or business interior. Terra Cotta Statues are most happy indoors and are not suited for outdoor exposure.

Mid Size - Stands approximately 20" high (50cm).

Large Size - Stands 40" high

Life Size - Stands 5 feet high (150cm). The 5 Foot/150cm Soldier stands 5 feet tall and is 18 - 19" at the shoulder, 20" at the base of shirt bottom and the base is 11.5" x 12"

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