Sweet Dreams Children’s Inner Coil Natural Sleep Mattress

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The Sweet Dreams Natural Sleep Inner Coil mattress has been designed and created from the ground up as a healthy alternative for a children’s sleeping surface.  This mattress is perfect for children, from 1 year to approximately 12 years old, or for children that have out grown the cradle bed, all the way through the pre-teen years.

The core of our Natural sleep mattress is a series of nested micro coils. These micro coils are made from upmarket, new steel and have been wrapped in a material made from sugar cane fiber. They are woven together to create an even and firm mattress foundation.

Our plant-based material enclosing the coil is formed from the Sugar Cane plant, providing a secure and stable encasement for the coil, eliminating any toxic off-gassing of synthetic fabric materials, while at the same time allowing the coil to breathe, or allowing a direct air exchange.



Mattress Size Width Length Thickness
Twin 38" 75" 12"
Full 54" 75" 12"

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