Add a touch of Modern Style and Asian Flair to Your Home

Haiku Designs is pleased to introduce a variety of functional and modern tables for your homes that are inspired by the themes of simplicity and beauty found in Asian and Japanese design.   Much of Japanese interior design and beauty is due to the focus on simplicity and harmony.  Simple, yet elegant design, and a clean, uncluttered look characterize the appeal of the Japanese home.

The Bodhi Tea Table
Perfect Compliment to the Bodhi or Sattva Meditation Chairs  
Leaf Coffee Table
100% Solid Bamboo Timber  

The graceful beauty of these tables is based on this very principle described above. Each piece of furniture features unique modern styling and high-quality construction creating a furniture silhouette that is welcoming, and actually relaxing to the senses. Rich earth tone colors, quality construction, and Eco-friendly finishes reflects the Zen influence of being in balance and in harmony with nature instead of opposing it.

Many of our tables are Eco-Friendly meaning constructed in a manner that is in harmony with the environment, using sustainably produced materials like bamboo, or hardwoods like cherry, walnut and other natural woods that are harvested from managed forests here in America.    

Consider a Shoji Table top lamp on one of our beautiful tables for a unique and stylish complement to your sofa or sectional living room furniture or possibly as a great bedside table addition.

Haiku Designs Furniture – Creating Harmony in the Home.