Tanjun Double Beauty Water Fountain

Tanjun Double Marble Water Fountain

Tanjun Double Beauty Fountain with Green Rainforest Marble
and Square Blackened Copper Hood and Tray

Double the Simple Beauty of the Tanjun Fountain

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Our Tanjun Double Beauty Wall Hanging Fountain is a stunning example of design elegance with dramatic natural marble and soothing falling water. In Japanese "Tanjun" means "Simple Beauty" and our fountain doubles the simple beauty of the Tanjun Fountain. Calming, clear water gently flows over the marble from the top tray to the bottom tray, offering a beautiful visual impact while at the same time creating the soft pleasing sound of water gently falling. The Tanjun Double Beauty Fountain is an excellent centerpiece for any room in the home or office.

Our Haiku Designs fountains have been specifically designed to produce the gentle sound of falling water, while at the same time creating a look of aesthetic beauty and simplicity. Each fountain incorporates all three essential life elements found in Feng Shui, including natural stones representing earth, water falling representing water, and metal representing sky.

tanjun double fountain


Tanjun Double Beauty Fountain with Black Spider Marble
and Rounded Stainless Steel Hood and Tray

In Western cultures, it has been said that "Two heads are better than one" In Eastern cultures, a similar phrase is "double happiness is better than one." The marble represents two symbols for happiness side by side. Double the soothing sound. Double the beauty. Double the view.

Choose Green Rainforest Marble or Black Spider Marble

tanjun fountain


Tanjun Double Beauty Fountain with Black Spider Marble
and Rounded Blackened Copper Hood and Tray

Since the marble is a natural stone, the color may vary slightly for each fountain. The two pieces of marble, either in green rainforest marble or black spider marble, are chosen for their elegance, beauty and for their complimentary look. Your fountain is an original, one-of-a-kind work of art. High intensity halogen lamps illuminate the individual beauty of the marble pieces, providing an indirect light on the stone as the water flows down. There is also a dimmer switch. The effect can only be described as amazing. Separate switches control the water flow and lighting. This offers full versatility in how the fountain is displayed. Top hood and bottom trays have been treated with a special clear coat to protect against water stain and to maintain the beautiful full copper or stainless steel luster.

Choose Blackened Copper or Stainless Steel Hood and Tray

Each Tanjun Double Beauty Fountain also serves as a natural humidifier as well as cleansing the air and creating negative ions. Negative ions bind with dust particles, pollens and allergy-causing pollutants. What that means to you is that our Tanjun fountains are not only a visually beautiful wall sculpture but are also an air purifier creating a more healthy room environment. All these elements combine together to create the perfect example of the "Simple Beauty" theme, adding a touch of simple elegance to any home or office setting.

Your Fountain includes:

  • 6 waterproof halogen display lights with a dimmer switch, 4 way pull chain, pump and polished river rock pebbles.
  • Each stone is hand cut and is one of a kind. Since the marble is a natural stone, the color may vary slightly.
  • Comes complete and ready to place. Only simple assembly required.
  • One year manufacturers warranty.
  • Truck line shipping.  

No special wiring or plumbing required. See Technical Information below.

Tanjun Double Beauty Wall Fountain with Green Rainforest Marble. Choose Rounded or Square Corners and Stainless Steel or Blackened Copper Hood and Tray. 61" wide x 69" high x 6" deep. Approximately 550 lbs.


Tanjun Double Beauty Wall Fountain with Black Spider Marble. Choose Rounded or Square Corners and Stainless Steel or Blackened Copper Hood and Tray. 61" wide x 69" high x 6" deep. Approximately 550 lbs. 


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Delivery Time: Two weeks.

Color Options*

black spider marble     Green Rainforest Marble
Black Spider Marble      Green Rainforest Marble

Product Guarantee

This product is guaranteed against any defects in workmanship and material for one year from the date of purchase. All products are shipped to you fully insured. For your convenience, if a situation does occur regarding warranty or shipping issues, Haiku Designs will file and coordinate all claims and warranty replacements.

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Tanjun Double Beauty Wall Hanging Fountains Technical Information

Each Tanjun fountain comes complete and ready to place. No special wiring or plumbing is needed. Placement of fountain by a carpenter or handyman is suggested. It is important that the fountain is mounted on wall studs and not dry wall only. This will provide adequate support for the fountain. No special plumbing is required, as the fountain uses a self-enclosed, self-circulating pump.

Although not necessary, a GFI electrical outlet in the wall directly behind the fountain is highly recommended. Doing so is more aesthetically pleasing as it keeps the electric cord hidden from view. We also recommend connecting this plug to a wall switch that will enable you to easily turn your fountain on and off without having to reach behind the stone to pull out the plug.

Water Usage

The water feature acts as a natural humidifier and therefore requires the occasional addition of water, depending on the setting and climate location. Falling water also creates negative ions, which cleanse the air of dust, pollen and allergenic particles. Distilled water only. One to two drops of bleach can be added to the water occasionally to avoid algae growth.


To Protect the Blackened Copper or Stainless Steel from discoloration over time, it is recommended to apply car wax to the splashguard and tray several times a year.