The Raku Tatami Bed, in Japanese Style

raku platform bed


In Japan, Raku can be translated as "Comfort” or “Simple Comfort", and our Japanese tatami platform bed is the perfect expression of simple comfort. Simple as in easy to set up and enjoy, comfort as in lay back and relax.  Learn More

Standard Raku Tatami Bed - 9” High 

Standard Raku Platform Bed, Frame Only without the Tatami Mats

Raku High Rise Tatami Bed - 14” High

High Rise Raku Platform Bed, Frame Only without the Tatami Mats 


Add Tatami Mats

Full, Queen and King size beds require 2 Tatami Mats and are ordered in pairs; Twin requires only 1.
Twin XL Tatami mats are only offered when ordering a Twin XL Raku Bed Frame.
Please call 1-800-736-7614 for more details.

Add a 28" Headboard
Height from floor to top of the headboard is 28.5”
Height from the top of the bed frame to the top of the headboard is 20”

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Standard Raku Tatami Bed


  • 42" wide x 80.5" long x 9”/14" high from floor to top of the bed frame
  • Bed frame height is dependant on the size of legs
  • Mattress inset is 2"

Twin XL

  • 42" wide x 85.25" long x 9”/14" high from floor to top of the bed frame
  • Bed frame height is dependant on the size of legs
  • Mattress inset is 2"


  • 59 1/2" wide x 80.5" long x 9”/14" high from floor to top of the bed frame
  • Bed frame height is dependant on the size of legs
  • Mattress inset is 2"
  • 65 3/8" wide x 85.25" x 9”/14" high from floor to top of the bed frame
  • Bed frame height is dependant on the size of legs
  • Mattress inset is 2"
  • 82" wide x 85.25" long x 9”/14" high from floor to top of the bed frame
  • Bed frame height is dependant on the size of legs
  • Mattress inset is 2"
Tatami Mats

King & Twin XL Size Mat- 38" x 80" x 2".

Queen size mat - 30" x 80" x 2".

Full Size Mat 27" x 75" x 2".

Twin Size Mat - 38" x 75" x 2".

Height from floor to top of the headboard is 28.5”
Height from the top of the bed frame to the top of the headboard is 20”

Shipping Information

Raku Beds ordered without any extra pieces can be shipped FedEx Ground.

Raku Beds with Tatami Mats, Headboards, or Nightstand require Truck line shipping and are Shipped Fully Insured to your Front Door.

Please contact us here for Canadian shipping charges. 

  • Any assortment of Raku bedroom furniture and/or Tatami Mats ships for $129

First Class Freight and Ground Delivery.

Furniture is shipped on Class #1 Carriers, Fully Insured, and is delivered right to your front door, or building front door. You will also receive a courtesy notification phone call to set up the best time for freight deliveries. (In some locations, the front of the property or curbside delivery may be the only option available).

    • Raku Bed with Tatami Mats and/or Headboard shipping Time: 3-4 Weeks
    • Raku Bed without additional items shipping time: 2-4 Weeks

Color Options

Dark Walnut
Dark Walnut
Honey Oak
Honey Oak

Product Guarantee

This product is guaranteed against any defects in workmanship and material for one year from the date of purchase. All products are shipped to you fully insured. For your convenience, if a situation does occur regarding warranty or shipping issues, Haiku Designs will file and coordinate all claims and warranty replacements.

Haiku Designs guarantees 100% Customer Satisfaction. 

Your Happiness is important to us. Haiku Designs makes every effort to ensure our customer’s complete satisfaction with each and every order.

"Rest Easy" Return Policy

You may return new, resalable items within 30 days of delivery for a refund. Items should be returned in their original packaging material. Please visit our Customer Satisfaction Center for more information. Thank You.

Embodying the Zen principles of simplicity in style, and in harmony with nature, our unique line of Japanese style contemporary platform beds incorporate design themes that are both comfortable to the senses and pleasing to the eye.

I have received the "Raku" Japanese platform bed queen size, last Friday by UPS (just 3 weeks after ordering it!) I wanted to tell you that I am very pleased with it. The quality of the product is just great, and that reddish walnut finish provides the perfect color to match the other pieces of furniture I already have in that room. It was very well wrapped (and individually wrapped) for such a long risky distance. It just looks so great!!! Thank you also for your pleasant co-operation.

LP, Quebec, Canada

raku platform bed

In addition, the Raku Tatami Platform beds are an Eco- Friendly product. What this means is that the Raku Tatami Bed is constructed in a manner that is less harmful to the environment than many other furniture products on the market today. To begin with, the Raku bed is made from solid Para wood and does not contain any particle board or chipboard and the whole list of toxic compounds associated with that type of construction.  In addition, Para wood is a sustainably produced wood, meaning wood that is farmed and managed as opposed to a wood sourced from virgin forests.

Secondly, the bed uses a type of stain and finish that once applied is inert meaning it does not off-gas toxic fumes into the sleeping environment, resulting in a healthier nights rest.  

And lastly, the bed frame does not use any nails, screws or steel dowels for assembly. Instead, the corners are joined together by means of an ingenious slot-locking system that is simple, sturdy, and easy to put together and take down. The middle rail does utilize three steel bolts to secure, the middle legs and rail to the bed frame creating a strong, and extra sturdy foundation for the natural finished, solid wood slats, upon which the Tatami mats are placed.

Up Close and Personal

Tatami Mats Closeups

Top Left: Raku Bed with Headboard    -    Top Right: Headboard Close Up

Bottom Left: Slats Close Up    -    Bottom Right: Headboard Side

No particle board -All Natural Materials- simple and harmonious construction: The Raku Japanese Platform Bed. Just Right! 

The Raku Tatami bed is unique in that it incorporates two Japanese Tatami mats as a platform surface. Tatami mats have been used for hundreds of years in Japan as a floor covering or bed surface. Our Tatami mats have been updated for modern use and are constructed of 4 layers of natural rice straw sheets,  and then covered with a Grade #1, tightly-woven rush straw, sewn to the base layers. The tatami covering of soft, woven rush straw cures over time to a golden hue. You may experience a light, pleasant, natural aroma as the tatami cures.

Raku Bedroom

Placed on the slat platform structure of the Raku bed, our Tatami mats are the ideal surface upon which to place a latex, memory foam, or futon mattress, or any style of mattress, even a Shiki Sleeping Mat. The tatami mats eliminate the need for a box spring.

Or if you would prefer, take away the tatami mats, place them on the floor for a sitting, meditation area, or tea area, and rest your mattress directly on the slats. Either way, you are creating the perfect sleeping environment, by allowing air to circulate throughout the mattress and sleeping area, an essential element of our Total Sleep Care System.

In today's world which can be sometimes be described by the words fast-paced, hectic, intruding, stressful, hurried, cluttered, it can be good to take a break and to indulge in the simple pleasures afforded by our Japanese Raku bed. Try out these words, simple, soothing relaxing, restful. All these words are easy to enjoy with our Raku Tatami Bed.

raku platform bed

The Raku Tatami Bed is available in Twin, Full, Queen and King size bed frames in two configurations. The Twin, Full, Queen and King size beds are available in a bed frame only and secondly available as a bed frame with two matching size Tatami mats. All configurations work perfectly with any style mattress, futon, latex or memory foam mattress, and are ideally suited for our Eco Pure Organic Futon, or our Naturalpedic Latex Comfort Mattress.

Kiln Dried Hardwood construction with Dark Walnut, Honey Oak or Natural Finish.  All slats are solid wood and are unfinished. Simple assembly. Truck line shipping only. 


Raku Nightstand

The Raku nightstand

The single drawer Raku Nightstand is an ideal match for the Raku Bed. Featuring a single drawer of storage mounted on metal glide rails and a space underneath the drawer for additional storage, the Raku nightstand is a perfect compliment to the Raku or Tomaru Bed.

Comes assembled. Solid wood and wood composites. Available in a dark walnut, honey oak or natural finish.  

Size  - 19” wide x 14” deep x 14” high. 

Open Space Under the Drawer - 16" wide x 13" deep x 5 5/8" high.


Customer Appreciation

Just received my Raku platform bed yesterday. Excellent quality and style! I am very pleased to have purchased this item from you. It has become THE showcase item in my house. Its stylish, functional, and surprisingly comfortable! I would recommend this product to anyone. Thank you again and I hope to purchase more items from you in the future.
— M.G., Tacoma, W

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