Tencel Pillow Protector

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The Tencel Pillow Protector is a soft, plush pillow cover designed to add softness while extending the life of your pillow.

The Tencel Pillow Protector is beautifully crafted in a Tencel and Polyester blend. Designed to help extend the life of your pillow, the Tencel Pillow Protector protects against minor spills and stains, while adding an additional layer of softness for you to rest your head on. An affordable and sustainable option, the Tencel Pillow Protector perfectly fits the Woolly Bolas, Tencel, and Shredded Latex pillows.




  • Tencel and polyester blend
  • Extends the life of your pillow
  • Adds softness
  • Affordable and sustainable
  • Fits Standard, Queen, and King pillows
  • Dimensions are approximate after washing




Standard- 20" x 26"

Queen- 20" x 30"

King- 20" x 36"

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