Platform Bed Frame Showing Wood Slat Construction
Hiro Platform Bed Frame Showing Wood Slat Construction

Why would one consider a Platform Bed in the first place and what exactly is the difference between a Platform Bed Frame and a regular or more conventional bed frame?

Basically, it is simple. The platform bed frame made of metal, or wood, and finished in a variety of different manners, uses a series of solid wood slats upon which the mattress rests. Occasionally a platform structure might be a solid wood sheet, but usually, it is a slat system as pictured above. A conventional bed, on the other hand, uses a box frame that requires a box spring upon which to place the mattress. A Platform bed frame does not need a box spring, as the mattress sits directly on the solid wood slats.

Now let's dig deeper…

From the point-of-view of furniture moving and interior-home-design, the concept of a bed constructed from a mattress and a box spring laying on a metal or wood box style bed-frame seems cumbersome and unattractive, and unnecessary. Although this is a more traditional way of creating a bed, the box spring and box style construction is not as convenient as the platform style of construction.

Historical Egyptian Platform Style of Bed Dating Back Over 2500 years
Historical Egyptian Platform Style of Bed Dating Back Over 2500 years

As an alternative option, a platform bed sleeping system, consisting of a mattress—possibly made of organic latex—and a wooden bed-frame with an internal platform surface of sturdy, interconnected, wooden slats, upon which the mattress sits offers some key advantages. First, this slat platform system provides optimal support for your mattress and secondly it allows air to circulate freely through your mattress, preventing dust-mites and mold to stake a claim on your bed.

Conventional Style Bed Frame Showing the Box Construction
Conventional Style Bed Frame Showing the Box Construction

In addition, platform bed-frames are not just sturdier in design than conventional box frame style, but they also often can be more economical because one does not need a box spring to support the mattress. Resting closer to the ground, platform beds are generally sleeker and less obtrusive to the space they occupy. Platform style of beds, tend to be more modern in design creating a space that is elegant and contemporary. Platform bed frames come with many options, including Canopy, Low Profile, and Storage possibilities. Consider for example a modern platform storage-bed, which allows you to store personal items in clean, convenient drawers, instead of shoving things under the box spring.

Slumber Platform Storage Bed
Slumber Platform Storage Bed

When contemplating an investment in a new bed, consider how a platform bed frame might be a good option, offering a healthier and more economical way to furnish your bedroom.

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