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The Ancient Art of Yoga has enjoyed over the last several decades a huge surge of popularity in the United States and in the West.  With its wide range of schools, methods, and different styles of teaching, Yoga is well entrenched in the modern lifestyle of today.  Incorporating physical asanas or exercises, different methods of stilling and quieting the mind, and creating a sense of balance, harmony, and wellness yoga is a much-appreciated anecdote to today’s sometimes stressful and fast paced society.   Read More 

Yoga Mats
Natural cotton yoga mats  
Shiatsu Massage Mats
For Shiatsu style massage  
Thai Massage Mats
For deep tissue Thai massage  
Yoga Bolsters & Blocks
Deeper Stretching and Support  

Haiku Designs is pleased to help support Yoga and the Yoga lifestyle by offering a range of Yoga Mats, and bolsters as well as Thai and Shiatsu massage mats, all based on the theme of health, wellness, and of being in harmony with the environment. We feel our products will help support your Yoga practice whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just stepping into the yoga world.

All Natural is More in Harmony with Your Yoga Practice.

By using all natural materials instead of petrochemical foams and synthetic fibers, we can help you create a safe and toxic free environment for your practice, and meditations.  Synthetic materials, foams, and fibers are often full of trace pesticides and other toxic compounds which off-gas through the air and can be absorbed through skin.  Many of these compounds are known carcinogens. 

We feel the use of all natural fibers and materials such as unbleached organic cotton, and natural Kapok is more in tune to the basic concepts and foundations of Yoga.  This in itself is a big support your practice.

In addition, Haiku designs is pleased to offer a wide range of Organic Latex Mattresses, Hybrid Futons and Natural sleep products. As well as Eco friendly platform beds, bedroom furniture and Japanese style furniture all with the goal of nourishing and supporting a Yoga Lifestyle of comfort, wellness, relaxation, and harmony.