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Welcome to Haiku Designs.

Welcome to Elegance in Living. Welcome to Wellness and Relaxation.

Welcome to Harmony in the Home and Harmony with the Earth.

Welcome to Balance and Simplicity, and Welcome to what we Call –

The Zen Modern Lifestyle.

More than just a website, we want to welcome you to a fresh style of living based on many of the same ideas found in Asian and Japanese design memes of simplicity, balance, beautify, and being in harmony with the environment. As an alternative to the go, go, busy, busy, more things, more doing, less happiness lifestyle so prevalent today, we specialize in Modern Furniture, Natural Bedding, Wellness products, for the home and office, designed to create a sense of enrichment, simplicity, enjoyment, and balance. .

We feel, that “Less can often be More”, and by choosing "Less", wisely you can create a lifestyle that nourishes and enriches.

In Business for over for 25 years Haiku Designs offers an appealing range of high quality Platform beds, Contemporary Bedroom Furniture, Japanese furniture, Eco-Friendly furniture, All Natural Mattresses, and select accessories that are simple in Design and Sophisticated in look. Each piece has been chosen with the idea of assisting you in creating a place and lifestyle of harmony, ease, and relaxation.

Our unique sleeper sofas and Raku Japanese platform beds offer a look that is fresh, simple, and appealing.

" My beautiful Azara bed and nightstand arrived today. Stunning... Thank you for the extraordinary design, environmentally responsible materials, and high quality of the pieces. I can't wait to settle in for a good night's sleep! "

CA - Lancaster, PA

As part of our Zen Modern Lifestyle, Haiku Designs believes in good stewardship of the earth and supports a strong commitment to protecting the environment, both yours and the planets. We feature several lines of Eco-Friendly furniture made from FSC certified sustainable harvested wood, and Bamboo Dining and Bedroom Furniture manufactured from completely renewable and sustainably produced bamboo hardwood. In addition, we are proud to introduce into the United States the first lines of Bedroom and Dining Room furniture meeting the strict “E-1” European chemical off-gassing standards, allowing zero off-gassing of toxic fumes.

To compliment our unique selection of modern bedroom furniture we also offer a full line of Natural bedding products including Organic Latex Mattresses, Organic Silk Comforters, Organic Cotton Sheets, Natural and Organic Futons, Organic Pillows, and other healthy sleeping products good for your personal environment and the environment of the planet.

We are headquartered in Boulder, Colorado near the foot of the Rocky Mountains, where our showroom, and administrative offices are located. With warehouses on both the East and West Coast, as well as in Colorado we ship quickly and conveniently to any national destination as well as international locations in Canada, the Caribbean and all over the world.

"Design That Creates Simplicity, Shelter That Brings Tranquility”

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