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Transform your home into a Zen Modern paradise with Haiku Designs' modern and eco-friendly furniture. Experience our catalog of Japanese style furniture, including Japanese platform beds, Tatami mats, Shiki mats, and a wide variety of bamboo furniture. Shop our modern bedroom furniture, floating platform beds, Raku Tatami Bed, and luxurious organic bedding.

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"I wish to thank the Haiku Designs team for your wonderful service and your quick response to my needs."

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Thank you for visiting Haiku Designs. In the wake of all that has changed recently in our world, we've had many customers asking if we are open, still shipping, have items available, etc.

The answer to all of these is YES! In full transparency, we've had a few things slow down, and even some items that have gone into backorder status but as a whole, we're continuing to ship orders and serve our customers as efficiently as possible. If you have questions about availability or timing, please feel free to call or email us at any time. Thank you for your continued support.

The Haiku Designs Team

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