About Haiku Designs

Shelter that Brings Tranquility - Designs that Create Simplicity

Haiku Designs was founded in Boulder, CO in 1990 by Avinash and Punitama Phipps, who were selling Asian Lamps and Framed Calligraphy Art Work from their home and the back of their car to retailers across the United States. Inspired by the Zen Aesthetic of simplicity and harmony with life, they also offered their products to a variety of mail orders catalogs, including Sundance Catalog. The calligraphy prints titled “Chaos-Where Brilliant Dreams are Born” became a nationwide best seller with sales of over 75,000 pieces. Soon thereafter, they expanded their company to incorporate Asian, Japanese and Modern style furniture from all over the world, through a Colorado showroom and then through their e-commerce website, www.haikudesigns.com.

Our mission at Haiku Designs from day one is to offer Furniture, Natural Bedding, and Gifts and Accessories that help consumers create a home of beauty, balance and harmony. More than just furniture, Haiku Designs is know for, and is committed to offering eco-friendly and high quality products that help customers create “Harmony in the Home," and a space of rest, relaxation and enjoyment.

Today, we employ a team of experts that go the extra mile to meet your domestic needs and to make sure that your orders are fulfilled and shipped promptly. Haiku Designs is committed to integrating the values of quality and excellence into their catalog of modern and progressive furniture and domestic accessories, while staying true to our eco-friendly, sustainable and organic roots.

Our Promise to You - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here at Haiku Designs (www.haikudesigns.com) we take customer satisfaction seriously. Your satisfaction is a 100% guaranteed. From our toll-free live customer support, to a dedicated Customer Satisfaction Department, to our secure internet shopping environment, we go to every length to ensure your happiness when shopping with us.

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