Bedroom Furniture

Create Harmony in your Bedroom

Today the bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. It is the place of rest, relaxation and retreat. More than just a room with a bed in it, the modern bedroom of today is a place to recharge and be pampered, a place of contemplation and enjoyment, a place to be most you and most private. What this means is that having the best bedroom furniture is now more important then ever and Haiku Designs can help make this so with our unique contemporary and modern bedroom furniture and platform bed selectionsLearn More

Platform Beds & Bedroom Sets
Modern, Contemporary, and Minimalist Designs  
Japanese Platform & Tatami Beds
Authentic and Asian-Inspired Platform Beds  
Solid Wood Platform Beds
Crafted from Sustainable Forestry and Hardwoods  
Eco-friendly Bedroom Furniture
Sustainable, Low Emissions, & Earth Friendly  
Bamboo Bedroom Furniture
Solid Exotic Bamboo Wood with Low Emissions  
Platform Storage Bedroom Sets
Unique Space Saving Beds with Storage Drawers  
Dressers & High Chests
Modern, Contemporary, and Minimalist Designs  

Harmony through Simplicity

Each collection has been chosen to match our requirement of excellence in quality and simplicity in design.  These modern furniture choices are selected for the look they create in the bedroom, as well as for the impression and sense of harmony and comfort they convey. Choose from a wide range of furniture selections for the bedroom, including modern and contemporary furniture styles, Asian and European motifs, low rise beds, beds in leather, beds in wood, all with matching selections of nightstands, dressers, and chests.

When purchasing bedroom furniture from Haiku Designs you are not only buying high quality, modern furniture that will give your many years of satisfaction and enjoyment, you are also getting   “Harmony in the Home”.

Having a hard time finding modern and contemporary furniture styles where you live?  Haiku Designs will be happy to ship right to your front door from one of our 3 national warehouses.