5 Designer Tips on Buying a Platform Bed

Arata Platform Bed
Arata Platform Bed

Interior Designers know that how a platform bed looks is just as important as how it feels. Their clients want a stylish bed that fits into their budget, but they also want a bed that makes them feel rested, healthy and ready to meet the day. Here are 5 tips from savvy designers on buying a platform bed that’s just right for you.

1. Where is the focal point of the room?

Designer Tips on Buying a Platform Bed

Where you want your platform bed to be placed makes a difference in what style you choose. Determine where you want the platform bed to be placed. Is the focal point of the room under the window or centered on the largest wall? Where is the natural lighting the strongest? Once you figure out where you want the bed to be, measure the dimensions of the bedroom. Since a platform bed is lower to the ground, this will make the room seem larger, more spacious.

2. What size bed do you need?

Designer Tips on Buying a Platform Bed

The size of your platform bed depends on the dimensions of the room and how much space you want around the bed. The most common mattress sizes in the United States are:

Twin: 39" wide x 75" long
Extra Long Twin: 39" wide x 80" long
Full: 54" wide x 75" long
Queen: 60" wide x 80" long
Standard King/Eastern King: 76" wide x 80" long
California King/Western King: 72" wide x 84" long

Once you figure out where you want your bed to be placed from step one, take masking tape and outline the size of the bed that you want in the room. Be sure to add some inches for the frame of the bed. A platform bed frame size tends to differ only 4-8 inches larger on each side than these sizes.

Does this size bed fit well in the room? Does this give you enough space around the bed for movement or for a nightstand or dresser? Where is the natural light in the room? Does the light fall on where the bed would be placed? Also, think about how high or low do you want the platform bed frame to be. Most platform bed frames range from 9 inches to 15 inches from the floor to the top of the bed frame.

3. What platform bed style appeals to you?

Athens Platform Storage Bed
Athens Platform Storage bed

Now you’ve figured where you want the bed to be placed and the size that will work best for your bedroom. It’s time to look at different styles of platform bed and materials available such as wood, metal, leather or fabric.

Most modern platform beds have a simple, sleek and contemporary look. What is your decorating style? Japanese Beds have followed the same simple and practical form that serves as the basic model for platform beds - a sturdy frame built low to the ground with supporting slats that run down the middle. Contemporary Platform Beds incorporate added design features such as headboards, wide side rails and nightstands to complement the platform bed frame. The Traditional Platform Bed combines the sturdy construction of the platform bed with classic bedroom furniture styles. One of the newer trends in platform bed design is the Upholstered Platform Bed. Platform bed frames can be raised onto legs of a more traditional height, Storage Drawers can be incorporated underneath. For a more expressive and creative look, mix different materials such as leather and wood or try a sleek metal frame with wood legs for a more eclectic look.

4. Create a Budget

Designer Tips for Buying a Platform Bed

Now determine your budget for the bedroom. Buying a platform bed is an important investment for you. Once you have set a budget, this will help you feel more comfortable with your purchase. This will also help you determine how many bedroom pieces will fit into your budget: a platform bed, nightstands, dressers and high chests are all great options. You can also comparison-shop before you make a final decision.

5. Talk with the Retailer

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When you’ve found the platform bed style that’s right for you, contact the retailer selling the bed and ask about the materials that make up the bed, the quality of the workmanship and how the mattress is supported. The answers to these questions should make you feel good about the platform bed that you’ve chosen. Haiku Designs has a team of Design Experts that can help you make the right decision on a new Platform Bed for your home.

If you're thinking of buying a platform bed, these simple tips should make your decision much easier.