Dine like you're in nature with the Mokuzai Live Edge Dining Table

Posted on Mar 20, 2018

MokuzaiBe one with Nature with our George Nakashima inspired Dining Table 

 "  The old pond
    A frog leaps in.
    Splash!   "

                           ~ Bashō Matsuo


Inspired by the creations of Japanese-American George Nakashima, the father of the American craft movement which ushered in working with traditional craft materials such as woods, glass, and or metals in the early 20th century.    In accordance with this tradition, we are proud to showcase the Nakashima-inspired Mokuzai (木材) Live Edge Dining room table.   

Designed off of George's popular Live Edge or natural edge dining room tables, we utilize solid Acacia wood while maintaining the natural edge of the wood on the outer sides of the table.  While the table's live edge is sanded and smoothed over so your family won't catch any splinters, it stays true to the 'eating in nature' feel by keeping as much of the tree's texture as possible.


The Mokuzai Live Edge Dining Table - Solid Acacia Wood

Now in the 21st century if you wanted to own a George Nakashima original you'd need to fork out 5+ figures, but with our affordable Mokuzai Dining Table you get this traditional (yet still modern) style in your dining room without breaking the bank!  

Nakashima Live Edge Hand crafted tables in Hamburg Germany Gallery
Authentic Nakashima Live Edge Handcrafted tables
~ In the Hamburg Germany Gallery

Available as a complete dining set with 4 different modern chair styles, you can customize your Mokuzai experience however you like.  We recommend the Long Island Metal Chairs, built from steel to complete a retro yet feel in your dining space.


Did we mention this beauty is completely Eco-Friendly?  Well, yes it's good for mother earth too!  The Mokuzai's Solid Acacia Wood is constructed from Acacia trees, a fast-growing and highly adaptable tree making it one of the most eco-friendly solid woods available.

Why wait?  Show off this exquisite natural table in your home!

Unless you're looking for something a little bit different- in which case see some more of our natural & eco-friendly dining room sets!

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