Cobblestone Bamboo Rug

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Provide a dramatic accent piece to enhance your living room with the emboldened Bamboo Cobblestone Mahogany Rug. This piece has been inspired by traditional Chinese culture with its use of naturally and native materials sourced from the Anji Bamboo Gardens.While rugs may often be an afterthought, this particular piece creates a bold statement which can inspire an entire a theme or give you unique ideas for decoration. Using the natural quality of pollution free kiln-dried bamboo, this rug is environmentally superior those crafted using synthetics. Most bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet, and requires no replanting or cultivation. Stronger than standard wood fibers and less likely to warp in the atmosphere, this bamboo rug has been machine planed and sanded to create a perfectly smooth surface for your feet. This remarkable piece features a non-slip back crafted from organic materials and a contrasting mitered cotton border.

  • Sustainably harvested in Southern China
  • Durable thick and smooth fibers
  • Eco-Friendly with Minimal off gassing
  • Organic Cotton Border
  • Natural Latex Non-Slip Backing
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