Dining Chairs & Benches

  1. FROM $495.00
    Kaede Dining Chair
  2. FROM $846.00 FROM $1,014.00
    Currant Chair - Set of Two
  3. FROM $463.00 FROM $556.00
    Currant Bench
  4. FROM $926.00 FROM $1,235.00
    Estelle Dining Chair
  5. Audrey Bench in Natural Cherry
    FROM $932.00 FROM $1,243.00
    Audrey Bench
  6. FROM $904.00 FROM $1,206.00
    Ingrid Arm Chair
  7. FROM $836.00 FROM $1,115.00
    Ingrid Arm Chair with Cushion
  8. FROM $764.00 FROM $1,019.00
    Ingrid Side Chair
  9. FROM $675.00 FROM $900.00
    Ingrid Side Chair with Cushion
  10. FROM $842.00 FROM $1,123.00
    Iso Side Chair
  11. FROM $625.00 FROM $666.00
    Nevada Bench
  12. FROM $895.00 FROM $984.00
    Ventana Dining Chair-Set of 2
  13. FROM $1,087.00 FROM $1,441.99
    Portia II Linen Tufted Chairs-Set of 2
  14. FROM $752.00 FROM $902.00
    Soho Dining Chair-Set of 2
  15. FROM $972.00 FROM $1,297.00
    Iso Arm Chair
  16. FROM $588.00 FROM $923.99
    Portia Linen Tufted Chairs-Set of 2
  17. FROM $473.80 FROM $764.99
    Messina Carved Teak Wood Bench
  18. FROM $859.00 FROM $938.00
    Rivalto Dining Chair-Set of 2
  19. FROM $704.00 FROM $939.00
    Sarah Upholstered Side Chair
  20. FROM $770.00 FROM $1,020.99
    Dakota Dining Bench
  21. FROM $769.00 FROM $1,026.00
    Sarah Side Chair
  22. FROM $916.00 FROM $1,222.00
    Sarah Arm Chair
  23. FROM $471.00 FROM $651.99
    Mapai Dining Bench
  24. FROM $499.00 FROM $547.00
    Vintage Bench- Small
  25. FROM $962.00 FROM $1,154.00
    Azara Dining Chair
  26. FROM $843.00 FROM $1,124.00
    Kyoto Arm Chair

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Dining Room Chairs & Benches

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