1. FROM $5,347.00 FROM $7,130.00

    Exeter Extension Table Dining Room Set
  2. Audrey Extension Table
    FROM $3,501.00 FROM $4,669.00
    Audrey Extension Table
  3. FROM $5,640.00 FROM $7,521.00
    Exeter Double Leaf Extension Table
  4. FROM $4,197.00 FROM $5,597.00
    Iso Extension Table
  5. FROM $3,548.00 FROM $4,731.00
    Catalina Trestle Extension Table
  6. FROM $1,440.00 FROM $1,920.00
    Mija Extensible Dining Table
  7. FROM $2,049.00
    Remington Dining Table
  8. FROM $3,042.00 FROM $4,056.00
    Essentials Farm Table
  9. FROM $897.00 FROM $1,196.00
    Essentials Dining Table
  10. FROM $2,125.00 FROM $2,834.00
    Iso Fixed Top Dining Table
  11. FROM $731.00 FROM $976.00
    Sitka Dining Table
  12. FROM $3,540.00 FROM $4,720.00
    Catalina Round Extension Dining Table
  13. FROM $5,347.00 FROM $7,130.00
    Exeter Single Leaf Extension Table
  14. Exeter Round Glass Top Table
    FROM $1,932.00 FROM $2,576.00
    Exeter Round Glass Top Table
  15. FROM $1,889.00 FROM $2,519.00
    Entwine Glass Top Table
  16. FROM $1,964.00 FROM $2,619.00
    Audrey Fixed Top Table
  17. FROM $2,879.00
    Laurel Dining Table
  18. FROM $2,224.00 FROM $2,967.00
    Sequoia Dining Table
  19. Astor Dining Table
    FROM $2,000.00
    Astor Dining Table
  20. FROM $1,315.60 FROM $2,114.99
    Messina Carved Teak Wood Dining Table
  21. FROM $1,168.00 FROM $1,558.00
    Catalina Fixed Top Dining Table
  22. FROM $1,571.00 FROM $2,095.00
    Laurel Extendable Dining Table
  23. FROM $1,387.00 FROM $1,850.00
    Mija Laurel Extendable Dining Table
  24. FROM $2,290.00 FROM $3,054.00
    Exeter Rectangular Glass Top Table
  25. Curzon Dining Table in White Lacquer
    FROM $1,700.00
    Curzon Dining Table

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Dining Room Furniture

Family, Friends, Community, In the sharing of food. What Could Be More Pleasant? It is to this spirit that Haiku Designs offers a unique, functional, and handsome line of contemporary dining room furniture. Based on the themes of harmony and simplicity common in Japanese and Oriental designs but updated for modern and western style tastes, our dining room furniture sets range from ultra-modern to down-home country.

The family dining experience is one of the most memorable and important daily events in your life. Enjoying a delicious meal with the people you love can spark interesting and forward-thinking conversation. The dining experience provides a connection between you and your family, as well as a time of bonding. Family meal time builds memories, strong ties, and ultimately brings people together. This life-changing experience starts with a quality dining table. You need enough space to seat everyone comfortably, and a table which will reflect your family personality. Why not bring these elements together by practicing environmental stewardship. By purchasing eco-friendly dining furniture, you are not only honoring your family with long-lasting quality and a place to build memories, but you are also honoring the earth with sustainable and renewable products.

Traditions of the Heart

In traditional Japanese country life, as was true across much of the Oriental world, the evening meal was a time to lay aside the day's toil, come together as family and community, and enjoy a hearty repast. Villagers would gather together in a central home, or village house around the cooking fire.

Each person would bring whatever they happened to have fresh that day to contribute to the evening meal. Someone would bring some vegetables from their garden, a family would bring the fish catch of the day, another family a batch of miso, another would contribute potatoes perhaps, and so forth. All of these ingredients were placed in a large pot and allowed to cook slowly for several hours, resulting in a hearty and delicious stew served over a bed of rice and enjoyed by the entire village. It was a time to come together, visit, exchange news of the day, and share in family and community.

The Modern Dining Experience

Today, though we may live in a densely populated urban environment, a city suburb or a country home, in some ways our needs for the dining area of our abode have not changed. Haiku Designs is pleased to offer a choice selection of furniture for the dining room, to meet the needs of the modern dining area.

All of the Dining Furniture offered here has been created with the specific goal of making it easy to create a dining area that is welcoming and attractive. The dining area functions as the perfect gathering place for you, your family and, if wanted, all of your local villagers.

Each Dining room set meets the following high goals of quality and design:

  1. First and Foremost, our dining room furniture must reflect the Japanese sense of simplicity and balance and, through the use of straightforward lines, the minimal use of decorative adornment and the proper use of color, will offer a welcoming feeling and sense of harmony and relaxation.
  2. Most sets will offer Chairs, Tables, Benches, Buffets, and several will offer Curio Cabinets, allowing you to mix and match the right combination to meet your specific budget and space requirements.
  3. Each piece must be attractive enough to stand on its own but must also compliment the entire furniture set.
  4. Each Dining room furniture set will create a look of beauty that is relaxing and pleasing to the senses.
  5. Each Dining Room Collection must be of high quality and reasonably priced within its product category level.
  6. The Dining Room Furniture must be functional as well comfortable, offering plenty of room to spread out and work on your year-end taxes as well as a perfect place to gather together and share in food and nourishment. The table and chairs should be welcoming and inviting, offering a space to gather, repose and enjoy.
  7. All Dining Room furniture sets must reflect the Zen theme of harmony with nature and with the environment. Whether through the use sustainable wood products, such as bamboo and farmed wood or through the minimal use of toxic chemical and paints, the dining furniture offered here will be to the best extent possible, “Eco-Friendly,”

Each of our Dining room furniture sets meets and exceeds these requirements, and offer a fresh and contemporary look with a strong influence of Japanese style and design. We have done our work, now it is your turn. Go ahead and invite the neighbors, gather together the family, light the hearth, come together, and share.

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Very happy
I received my Raku bed yesterday. Boxes not damaged, bed pieces in perfect condition. I put the bed together and slept in it last night. I could not have slept better. I am very happy with the bed as well as the service you have provided during our transaction. Thank you very much!
B.P., Naples, FL
Love Everything!
I just wanted to let you know that the bed and mattress arrived. We want to thank your staff for getting this to us so fast. We love everything! The bed is beautiful and we are so happy with the mattress.
K.E., Seattle, WA
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